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DormEssentials July 19, 2020

When you first move into the dorms, it is usually a very bare and empty feeling, as the walls, floor, and even bed are empty. One quick way to make your dorm feel like a true living area, welcoming to you and those you invite in, is to add a dorm rug. A dorm rug or carpet will help keep you warm when barefoot in your room, and will also help collect dust and dirt which you can clean outside later. To make sure you stay clean, warm and cozy with the best dorm rug or carpet in your dorm, we’ve compiled the following affiliated Dorm Essentials top 10 dorm rugs. If you’re unsure what size or why you need a dorm rug, then check out this post on why and what size dorm rug to buy.

1. nuLOOM Classie Hand Tufted Shag Dorm Area Rug, 5' x 8', Blue Multi

Step into comfort in your dorms with the soft and fluffy texture of a shag rug. You may just find yourself spending more time relaxing directly on your rug! This luxuriously soft and fluffy shag is the perfect cozy rug for your bedroom, living room, or any other low traffic areas of your home. Crafted with love and care, hand made rugs carry the spirit of the artisans that made them. Each piece is marked by subtle but individual differences that make your rug unique

2. nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Dorm Accent Rug, 2' x 3', Dark Grey

Designed with resilience against everyday wear-and-tear in the dorms, this rug is roommate and party friendly and perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways. Sleek and functional 0.37” pile height allows for convenient placement in entryways, underneath furniture, and will not obstruct doorways

3. LOCHAS Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Dorm Area Rugs Fluffy 4x5.3

EXTRA SOFT AREA RUG: LOCHAS rug is incredibly soft and features a top layer of fluffy velvet with sponge interlayer, which is more softer and luxurious underfoot. Its comfy and warm fabric is very dorm-friendly and shields toes from the cold floor. DESIGN: Beautiful color, back with anti-slip dots, super soft feeling, the fur is approx 4.5cm high, but you will also feel a little thin and lightweight the rug is because of the softness of the fabrics. EASY TO CLEAN.

4. Noahas Super Soft Modern Shag Area Dorm Rugs Fluffy 4x5.3

MATERIAL AND SIZE: The carpet has super soft velvet surface, sponge interlayer, non-slip plastic spots bottom. 4 feet x 5.3 feet / 47 inches x 63 inches. It’s thickness is about 1.77 inches / 4.5cm.SUPER SOFT FEELING: Noahas shaggy velvet area rugs are elegant in texture and soft to the touch. This fluffy carpet provides a tranquil refuge for your dorm to rest their body and mind after a hectic day.

5. Safavieh Slate Blue and Ivory Moroccan Geometric Quatrefoil Area Dorm Rug (4' x 6')

Polypropylene, Safavieh’s exceptionally elegant scrolling vine shag rug with 2,500+ customer reviews. High-density polypropylene pile provides one of the plushest feelings available in a rug. Textured 1.18-inch high/low pile height creates a marvelous decorative display of dimension. Easy-care shag with virtually non-shedding enhanced fibers for carefree maintenance in high-traffic areas.

6. Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Cloud Gray Area Dorm Rug (6' 0 x 9' 0)

This rug is perfect for those high traffic areas in your dorm. This rug is waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, stain resistant, and does not shed. It is 1″ in its height.

7. LOCHAS Luxury Velvet Shag Area Rug Modern Indoor Plush Fluffy Dorm Rugs 5x8

LOCHAS SERVICE: LOCHAS mordern indoor rug is designed for luxurious feeling and comfort. Soft to the touch, warm and beautiful, not shed and not fade, skin-friendly. If you are at all unsatisfied, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. EXTRA SOFT AREA RUG: LOCHAS area rug is incredibly soft and features a top layer of fluffy material with sponge interlayer, which is softer and more luxurious underfoot. Its comfy fabric is very family-friendly and ideal for indoor use in the bedroom, living room.

8. Noahas Luxury Fluffy Rugs Bedroom Furry Dorm Carpet 2x3

INNOVATIVE DESIGN & UNIQUE STYLE ➤ People fall in love with the faux fur sheepskin area rug at first sight because of its unique design. Soft and comfortable feeling, rich in tactile appeal design rug distinct accent to your existing decor for best visual impact. PREMIUM FLUFFY HOME DECOR RUG ➤ This stylish furry rug has the extreme smooth touch. Super soft fuzzy rug adds a touch of elegance to your dorm. Take off your shoes and walk all around the bedroom, feeling the soft, new, thick carpet beneath your feet.

9. Softlife Fluffy Area Rugs for Dorm Room 2.6' x 5.3' Oval Shaggy

【Natural Material】: High quality and eco-friendly material feel very soft and comfortable. Rubber spots on the bottom make it anti-slip. Softest rug is a great choice for children playing on the floor and can give them warm and comfy feeling.【Suitable Size】: 5.3ft x 2.6ft Oval area rug is a pretty decent size and keep warm during cold weathers. Suitable for  college dorm, front of your sofa and other home decoration.

10. nuLOOM Thigpen Contemporary Runner Dorm Rug, 2' 5" x 9' 5", Dark Grey

Designed with resilience against everyday wear-and-tear, this rug is kid and pet friendly and perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as dorm hall or entryway. Sleek and functional 0.43” pile height allows for convenient placement in entryways, underneath furniture, and will not obstruct doorways.

Bringing one of our top dorm rugs to your dorm room can make a dorm room feel more cozy and better to live in for a number of reasons. Some of the ways in which a rug can contribute to a cozy atmosphere in a dorm room include:

  • Improved comfort: A rug can help to make your dorm room feel more comfortable and cozy. It can provide a softer, warmer surface to walk on, especially if your dorm has hardwood or tile floors.
  • Noise reduction: A rug can help to absorb sound, which can be especially useful if you live in a dorm with thin walls or a lot of foot traffic. This can help to create a quieter, more peaceful living environment.
  • Decorative touch: A rug can add a decorative touch to your dorm room and help to tie the space together. There are many different styles and colors of rugs to choose from, so you can find one that matches your personal taste and style.
  • Protection for floors: A rug can help to protect your dorm’s floors from wear and tear. It can also help to protect your feet from cold floors during the winter months.
  • Softness: A rug can provide a softer, more comfortable surface to walk on, which can help to make your dorm room feel more welcoming and inviting.
  • Warmth: A rug can help to add warmth to a dorm room, especially if the flooring is cold or hard. This can make the space feel more comfortable and cozy, especially during the winter months.
  • Sound absorption: A rug can help to absorb sound, which can create a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere in your dorm room.
  • Color and texture: The color and texture of a rug can also contribute to the overall atmosphere of a room. For example, a plush, shaggy rug may create a cozier feeling than a thin, flat rug.

Overall, a rug can help to create a sense of comfort and warmth, themed decoration, and coziness in a dorm room, making it feel more like a home.

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