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What Size Rug Should You Choose for Your Dorm Room?

DormEssentials November 21, 2020

Stepping into your dorm room, the first thing you will see are the mundane walls, ceiling, and floor. The dorm room isn’t built with aesthetics on the mind; rather, these rooms are more functionality focused, and therefore lack personality. One of the biggest challenges a dorm resident faces is decorating the roomThe reason it’s a challenge is that the room is small, and before you place anything inside, you can do measurements. Whether it’s a bed, sofa, or even a monitor, you have to keep the room size in your mind. Most dorm rooms come with the basic necessities, like a bed, a study table, and maybe a dresser. 

During summer, the mundane floor might bother you as much, but as summer fades and fall comes, the floor starts to get colder. Waking up in winter morning is hard as it is, but stepping on a cold floor first thing in the morning is even harder. So, what’s a simple solution? While a heater may not always be allowed, a safer one is for you to buy a rug for your dorm room. The rug will provide you with both warmth and comfort. Now, as mentioned before, buying any furniture or accessories for your dorm room can be a challenge. Before you go shopping for a rug, it’s imperative to know what size of rug suits your dorm room. 

Most dorm rooms are the same, but if you’re able to purchase a rug for yourself, then let’s look at the different size rugs you can get. These rugs also help provide a soft and clean alternative to hard floors, that you can regularly vacuum to keep dirt and dust free. Once you figure out the size, make sure to check out our favorite dorm rugs.

Rug Size

As mentioned earlier, dorm rooms focus more on functionality than on aesthetics; also, most dorm rooms are similar when it comes to size. Rugs, however, come in any shape and any size you want. So, before you go rug shopping, the first thing you need to do is know how much space you have for your rug. 

To figure that out, you need the floorplan for your dorm room. You can find that out on the internet. Based on the size of your room, you need to buy a rug. Most students find the rug sizes 3’x5’ to 5’x8’ most suitable for most students. This is because the average dorm is a 12’x’9′, or about 180 square feet.

5’x8’ Rugs

5’x8’ sized rugs are the most popular among students. When buying rugs of this size, know that this rug won’t reach the bottom of your bed. However, given how small a dorm room is, 5’x8’ rugs are enough to cover the other areas in your dorm room, especially the areas where you’ll be doing the majority of your walking and sitting. 

Another benefit you’re getting from this size of rugs is the price tag as it is cheap. Compared to the rugs people use at home, you can get this rug for much cheaper and get the job done without breaking your bank. 

4’x6’ Rugs

In some scenarios, you will be sharing a dorm room with a friend or a stranger. When it comes to the aesthetics of the rugs, two people can have very different tastes. Besides that, you might not know much about the person you’re sharing the room with, and you want to keep the rug clean.

If this is the scenario, the best way to go is to buy a 4’x6’ sized rug. While the 5’x8’ sized rugs will cover the majority of the dorm room, the 4’x6’ will sit perfectly beside your bedside. This gives you the opportunity to buy any rug you like for yourself without having a fight over how it looks. 

Since it will be just beside your bedside, your roomie can pick one up for themselves too. 

6’x9’ Rugs

If you’re not happy with the rug covering just a portion of the room, but you want it to cover all the area, 6’x9’ sized rugs are the way to go. With this rug size, you will be covering most of the floor space, including under your bed. If you’re planning on buying a rug of this size, be sure to purchase a vacuum cleaner with it too.

If the rug is lightweight, you can simply take it outside and shake off the dust it gathered up, but if it’s too heavy, you will need a vacuum cleaner to maintain the rug. With the additional size, you’ll be spending more too.

3’x5’ Rugs

If you find yourself in a dorm room that’s too small, you should buy the 3’x5’ sized rugs. Just like the 4’x6’ size, the 3’x5’ sized rugs are perfect for your bedside or in front of your bathroom. Another benefit of having these small rugs is that you can place these under heavy objects and move them about the room easily, for example, a storage bin or the trunk under your bed. 

These are some of the rug sizes that are popular among students and fits most dorm rooms. But there are other size variants too. Before you buy a rug, do consult the floor plan, and if you can find a floor plan, go over to your housing office, and they will provide you with the information you need.

Benefits of having a Dorm Rug

There are benefits to having a rug for your dorm room. Firstly, having a rug will prevent you from stepping on the cold floor first thing in the morning. With the rug, you’re getting additional warmth and comfort. So, if the rug is wide enough, you can sit and walk comfortably too. 

Second, a rug can help catch food debris, dirt, and dust naturally generated in the dorm, keeping the dorm appearing cleaner. You can then more easily vacuum and keep the rug clean.

The other benefit is for your neighbors, especially living downstairs. The rug will help dampen sound, so when you’re stomping back and forth before your finals, your neighbors won’t be too upset; comfort for you and your neighbor. 

Lastly, you will be living in your dorm room for quite some time. As mentioned before, dorm rooms are geared towards functionality, and only a few dorms come beautifully decorated. An undecorated dorm room can be your canvas for something creative. 

Decorating your dorm room will give it a sense of belongingness. You can express yourself through your decorations. The same goes for rugs. When buying a rug, there are two ways you can go. You can either choose a rug with neutral colors that goes well with the rest of the room. You can also choose contrasting colors that will express your choices more. Don’t be afraid to decorate your dorm room as you please. 

Price Tags for Rugs

Now, you want to buy a rug for your dorm room. You have a color scheme in mind, and you know the size you want. While that’s great, the final decision will always end on the price of the rug you want to buy. So, how much should you spend on a rug for your dorm room?

The best advice is to spend little and experiment more. During your time in college, you will be going through changes, and so will your taste change. That’s why it’s best to experiment with color, size, and shape. 

So, don’t spend a ton on a rug that you might hate one day. Instead, buy cheap rugs and change it as your taste changes. This way, you can avoid breaking your bank when buying rugs. 

Maintenance for Rugs

Like everything else in life, rugs need maintenance and upkeep too. With time, the rug that you loved so much will wear out, but you can slow down the process through proper maintenance. Accidents can happen, and there are two ways to handle it. One, you can seek professional help, but the professional help will come with a demanding price tag. The other way is to clean it yourself. To clean it yourself, you need to know how to do it. 

Let’s see how you can take care of your favorite rug

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a must if you want your rugs to look great. So, what can you do regularly to keep your rug in top-notch shape? Let’s find out.

Vacuum Often

Vacuuming your rug is the least you can do to keep it looking great. You should vacuum your rug once every week or at least once every two weeks. If you’re sharing your room with someone else or have friends coming over all the time, consider vacuuming the rug every two days.

While vacuuming, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the rug. This will help to get rid of any odor. Also, when vacuuming, use low airflow; this will prevent damaging the rug. 

Rotating Your Rug

If you have furniture sitting on your rug, rotate it once in a while. That way, the wear will be the same as all the sides. Besides wears, rotating your rug will also help with faded spots on it. So, rotate your rug every six months. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, rugs will provide you with comfort and warmth, and for a small space, getting the size right is extremely necessary. For most students, the 5’x8’ size is perfect, but if you have a smaller room, grab a 3’x5’ sized rug. 


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