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The Best Dorm Bed Skirt

DormEssentials September 24, 2020

When decorating your dorm room, it is often common to purchase bed risers to add storage space to your room. If your trying to theme your room and give it a really pleasant eye sore, the space between your bed and floor could ruin the aesthetic of your dorm room. Especially if you’ve lifted your bed with risers! This is where bed skirts come to the rescue, covering your storage space with beautiful looking cloth patterns in colors that match your dorm theme. It looks even better with the right bedding or headboard! We’ll cover five our our picks for best dorm bed skirts to improve the look of your room. Make sure to check the bed skirt size for the twin xl bed you probably have.

1. Elegant Comfort Luxury Top-Knot Tassle Pompom Fringe Ruffle Dorm Bed Skirt

This bed skirt features the cutest tassels you have ever seen and comes in multiple colors, making it one of the best bed skirts to improve the theme and visual appearance of your dorm room.

2. AmazonBasics Pleated Dorm Bed Skirt - Twin, Bright White

With 16 inches of coverage, these Amazon Basics bed skirts come in multiple covers and offer a cheap way to enhance the appearance of your bed and dorm room!

3. Tebery Lace Trimmed Elastic Bed Wrap Easy Fit Dust Ruffle Dorm Bedskirt

This 25% cotton + 75% polyester blend is an easy fit elastic wrap around bed skirt that make your dorm bed more beautiful. The unique lacing is sure to make your dorm bed unique.

4. Today’s Home Microfiber Classic Tailored Styling Dorm Bed Skirt Dust Ruffle,

Providing 14 inches of cover, you cant go wrong with these cheap bed skirts for your dorm room. They also come in white and black and are cheap enough to try out if your unsure if you need a bed skirt.

5. Obytex Wrap Around Bed Skirts, Cotton Dorm Bedskirt Elastic Dust Ruffle

This bed skirt provides a 14″ cover with a ruffled appearance, and comes in multiple colors. If you want to add more accenting appearances to your bed, this is one of the best dorm bed skirts.

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