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How to Make a Dorm Bed More Comfortable: 5 Things to Know

DormEssentials November 24, 2020

What is the point of a good dorm room if you are not able to even sleep comfortably at night? Sleep is extremely important as you balance academics, social life, and work. For some weird reason, most dorm rooms seem to come with really firm or old beds that are usually provided by the college or university itself. While you cannot straight up change the bed that they provide you with by default, you can still do other stuff to make your dorm bed a tad bit more comfortable than it naturally is.

The only problem here is that not many people know how to make a dorm bed more comfortable. In this article of ours, you will be learning the 5 things that you absolutely need to know in order to have a comfortable bed for your dormitory. 

Change the Mattress

First things first, you definitely have to change the mattress that the university or college that you go to provides you with for your dorm bed. Not only can it be seriously gross to use the same mattress as someone else (let us be real- college students can be disgusting at times), but it will also be really uncomfortable as the mattress provided is probably more than 10 years old! Instead of crying over not being able to sleep on a crappy mattress, why not simply just get a new one for yourself? If you cannot bring one from home, the next best alternative would be to get a brand new one for yourself. 

There are tons of mattresses available in many home décor stores, but we suggest you go for a memory or medical mattress, as these two kinds are the best in holding their shape and form for a really long period of time. A medical mattress is best if you have lower back pain issues or if you have had any sort of accident prior to shifting to your new dorm. However, go for a memory foam mattress if you suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea instead. The soft feel of both mattresses combined with the freshness of it will definitely make your dorm bed much more comfortable than it originally was before. Another pointer to keep in mind is that you need to make sure that the mattress you will be investing in is compatible in size with the dorm bed the college or university provided you with. 

The worst thing that could happen is if you purchase a really expensive and soft mattress but only to see that it does not fit the size of the bed that you have in your dorm. You will also want to get a mattress that is at least 2 to 3 inches in height, as that will create that amazing bounce for you. The only downside to this height measurement is that such mattresses can indeed be a bit on the pricier end of the spectrum, however, your comfort will be guaranteed here as well. For those living in colder regions, you can also invest in electric mattresses that can be heated up prior to sleeping. This is a great feature that many mattresses come with now, so make sure to invest in one if you have the ability to splurge in order to enjoy a better and more comfortable college dorm life. 

Add a Mattress Topper

Next to the mattress is the mattress topper that you need to get for your dorm bed. A mattress topper is an extra pad that you place above the original mattress in order to balance out the extra bounce and stability. Dorm beds are not always of the bed quality so they can be quite shaky and imbalanced, which is why you need to make sure the mattresses that you are getting can eventually balance out the entire thing. 

Use Thermal Bedding

Another great way to make your dorm bed more comfortable is to invest in thermal bedding that actually keeps you feeling either warm or cool depending on either season. During winter, thermal bedding will make sure to keep your body warm whereas during summer the same bedding will feel cooler and much gentler on the skin. This is an awesome purchase for students who are not allowed to install a heater or air conditioner in their dorm room, as the thermal bedding will keep you either warm or cool according to your body and surrounding temperature. 

Get Fluffy Pillows

Unless you prefer sleeping on hard pillows yourself, we think it is best if you get fluffy pillows for your dorm bed. A fluffy pillow will also keep your head cool at night in case you happen to live in a stuffy and small dorm room. Other than that, a fluffy pillow will also be a great body pillow that you can hug at night, and we all know just how comfortable that can be! One easy way to make your dorm bed more comfortable than it originally is by stacking up fluffy pillows one over the other in layers. Not only does this look really pretty but it can also allow you to sit on the bed comfortably in case you want to read a book or work on your laptop from your bed for a change. 

Elevate Your Bed

If you can, we would suggest you elevate your bed as much as you can from the floor while you set up your entire dorm room. Elevating the bed from the floor will allow you to store other stuff under your bed. That way, you can easily slide in extra bags or books under the bed before you go to sleep and hence create more space on the furniture. Some students prefer fitting their dressers under the elevated beds as well, as that helps create more space around the room. This is a great way to use your dormitory bed if you live in a small dorm and need to do whatever it takes to cut down on space consumption. 

Other things you can do to make your dorm bed more comfortable

Now that you have an idea about the very basic stuff that you can attempt on doing to enhance the comfort of your dorm bed, here are some other extra things you can do to make your overall bed and dorm room experience much better. 

Get the right sheets

There is nothing worse than getting bed sheets that stick to your face and body while you sleep at night. When getting into a new dorm, we suggest you either bring your own bed sheets or get brand new ones instead of opting for the ones provided by the university or college because who knows what those sheets went through before! Getting or bringing your own sheets will not only be much more hygienic, but you can also handpick the colors and prints of it while also making sure the texture and material of the sheets are compatible with your skin type. The best kind of bed sheet material to go for is pure cotton, as this material will not itch or irritate your skin at all. It will also feel much cooler to lie on during the summer and that is obviously a big advantage to have up your sleeve, especially if you live in a small and stuffy dorm with another roommate. 

Get blackout curtains 

This is the first thing that you need to do if you have a dorm bed that is placed right under a window. Getting curtains for the window will make sure excess sunlight does not pour into the bed, therefore not being able to heat up the pillows and mattresses unnecessarily. Other than that, it will also keep your room much cooler at night anyway, and this is specifically an advantage to have if you are not allowed to install air conditioners in your dorm room. 

Inspect for bugs

If you thought using an old mattress was not bad enough, wait till you find bed bugs hiding inside the old bed provided by the college! Bed bugs are quite common and unfortunately, college dorms are no exception to their infestation. However, we do not want you to suffer from their vicious and nasty bites, which is why you need to always check and inspect the bed provided by your college before you even sit on it. If there is a mattress over the bed, make sure to take it completely off at first and inspect every corner of it as carefully as possible. Afterward, inspect the bed frame as well and make sure to clean it thoroughly with a brush in order to make sure there are no spider webs or other insect houses stuck to the bottom. If you can, you could also purchase a bed bug repellent and coat your bed and the mattress that you bought with the product so that there are no chances for any vicious bugs to attack your comfort zone later on during your college life. 

Change the headboard

If the bed that you have received for your dorm room from the university or college that you are studying in comes with a headrest, make sure to change it up to a new one instead. More often than not, the bed and the headboard attached to the furniture provided by the university are more than a couple of years old, which can in fact guarantee the infestation of critters and other sorts of bugs. Changing the headrest will not only clear these doubts from your head, but will also allow you to invest in one that is much stronger and more versatile. We suggest you invest in a headrest that comes with different slots or box rooms which will allow you to store away all your books and stationaries when not in use. On top of that, you can also decorate such headrests with plants and other decorative items if you want, and that will definitely increase the aesthetic of your room by many folds. 

Invest in duvet covers

Investing in duvet covers should be an absolute must for you if you are going to college in a place where the weather is always comparatively cold. A duvet cover will not only keep you warmer at night, but it will also protect the threads and material of the duvet itself. For some reason, dormitory laundries can be really violent and rough on the quality of the material, so it is important that you take care of your bedding items whenever and however possible. You should also change up the pillowcases as frequently as possible so that your dorm bed smells and feels fresher for a longer period of time.

Bedside table 

It is very important that you always keep a bedside table beside your dorm bed as it is not only a very functional piece of furniture but it can also hold up other extra items that might actually clutter your bed while you sleep. Make sure to invest in a bedside table that comes with a drawer or two as well as that will allow you to store other personal belongings out of sight and reach of fellow roommates and strangers. 

Add a Lamp

A lamp is also a great item to invest in for your dorm bed, especially if you are an avid reader and love to spend time reading a good book or two before going to bed. Other than that, a lamp can also help with reducing eye strain when you are working on your laptop for assignments from the comfort of your own bed. For a lamp, we suggest you go for a bulb that emits a warmer color rather than a bulb with a bright, white shade. While the former is really soft on the eyes and creates a better ambiance, the latter is better as an overhead study light instead of a lamp bulb. 

Charging ports

If you are able to move your bed around the room, we suggest you relocate your bed to an area where the charging port is close to your hand. This will allow you to put your electronic gadgets and other equipment on charge the night before your classes start, so there will be no way for you to run out of battery during the day. If a charging port is not available in the place you want to set up your dorm bed, simply consider purchasing an extension or two in order to still connect all your electronic devices with one another. 

Get Standing fans

Stand fans are the most sought after items for college students as there is nothing worse than sleeping in a hot and stuffy small dorm room at night with the summer season in full swing. A stand fan in this case will be the perfect equipment to stay beside your dorm bed. Not only will it keep your cool during the hot, summer nights, but you can also keep it on during the day if you want to lower the temperature of your bed when there is too much sunlight pouring in. 

Add a Storage box

If you have got storage space under your bed, getting a storage box might be the best idea to save space while keeping those extra sheets and linens away out of sight and reach. A storage box is perfect to keep away all those sheets that you do not need to use at the moment, while also storing other pillowcases and extra blankets. You can also store other bedding items in storage boxes. The best part about a storage box is that you can keep them locked for the majority of the time, so no one will be able to access them except you either. On top of that, keeping all your linens and other bedding items under your bed will also keep them neat and clean for longer, so you will not have to spend extra money and time over getting them re-washed before putting them over your bed again either. 

Personalize Your Bed Cover

It is given that you will not be around all year round when studying in college, so what happens to the cleanliness of your bed when you are not around in town during a holiday? In this situation, a bed cover can be your best bet. Usually heavier than a bed sheet and tougher to penetrate, a bed cover will keep all the sheets and pillows clean and untouched below. 



A dorm bed provided by the university or college that you are studying in can be quite disgusting by itself, but you can easily make your dorm bed more comfortable by doing all the things that we mentioned above in this article! We hope this will make sure the university semesters more comfortable and make your room feel cozier.

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