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The Best Dorm Nightstand

DormEssentials August 22, 2021

When you’re living in the dorms at college, your room needs to become cozy for sleeping as well as for storing your life during college. A dorm nightstand and bedside table make sure that you can keep your belongings near while you’re sleeping. Perfect for glasses, books, a lamp, we’ve compiled the following Dorm Essentials top 5 dorm night stand and bedside tables for convenient storage and access in your dorm.

1. mDesign Storage Dorm Nightstand and Bedside Table

Features 2 removable fabric drawers with reinforced base; Use next to dorm bed for matching dorm night stands, or in any room as an accent table; Place inside the closet to create extra storage and keep clutter under control; Perfect for your smart phone, sound machine, alarm clock, journal, magazines, books, reading glasses, and beverages handy. THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 11.75″ x 17.75″ x 21.25″ high. Multiple colors available.

2. Winsome Daniel Dorm Nightstand, Black

Composite Wood. Overall dorm bedside table size 15.75-Inch Width by 16.16-Inch Depth by 22-Inch Height. Ample Storage with 3 Drawers, inside drawer is 12.75-Inch Width by 13.60-Inch Depth by 4.3-Inch Height.

3. WLIVE Dorm Nightstand with 2 Fabric Drawers, Dorm Bedside Table

SMART & STYLISH DESIGN: This accent lightweight dorm night stand is great for dorm rooms. SPACIOUS STORAGE:Wood top with hard surface can hold lamps, alarm clocks, books, eyeglasses, charging station, and more. Nightstand drawers can store accessories, toiletries, blankets, underwears, cosmetics, baby clothes, paperwork, toys etc. EASY ASSEMBLY:This storage nightstand comes with easy-to-read assembly instructions; Overall dimension: 17.7″ L x 11.8″ W x 20.1″ H

4. Nathan James 32704 Harper Mid-Century Oak Wood Dorm Nightstand

Harper is a modern dorm nightstand or small dorm bedside table is sleek in its design with an angled face, two drawers, and vintage gold or brass accented hardware. Store gadgets, books, or magazines in this easy-glide, two-tier drawer dorm nightstand or dorm end table.

5. SONGMICS Dorm Nightstand, 3-Tier Dorm Bedside Table with Drawer

Good Night: A lazy night. Your bed. SONGMICS dorm nightstand. Perfect. 2 shelves and a deep drawer keep your lamp, water glass, tablet, and favorite novels at your fingertips, so you don’t have to get out of your warm bed when the need strikes.

That concludes our list of the top dorm beside tables and dorm nightstands. A dorm bedside table or nightstand is a small table or cabinet that is placed next to a bed and is used for storing and organizing personal items. There are several benefits to having a dorm bedside table or nightstand:

  1. Convenience: A bedside table or nightstand provides a convenient place to keep items that you use regularly while in bed, such as a lamp, alarm clock, phone, or book. Having these items within easy reach can make your bedtime routine more efficient and comfortable.
  2. Organization: A bedside table or nightstand can also help to keep your dorm room organized by providing a place to store items that might otherwise clutter your desk or dresser.
  3. Decoration: Bedside tables and nightstands can also add a decorative touch to your dorm room, especially if you choose one that matches the style and decor of your space.
  4. Extra storage: Depending on the size of your bedside table or nightstand, you may also be able to use it for extra storage, such as for clothes, books, or other small items.

Overall, a dorm bedside table or nightstand can be a useful and practical addition to your dorm room, providing convenience, organization, decoration, and extra storage space.

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