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10 Websites That Sell Dorm Essentials You Must Check Out!

DormEssentials May 15, 2021

Packing and moving to a new place can be overwhelming, and the hustle becomes double when moving to a college dorm. You can forget to pack various essential items, and you might need countless things to purchase. On top of this, space for what you can actually carry and bring is limited. Numerous websites offer a committed dorm essentials section on their sites, making it simple to search for everything on your rundown in one spot. You’ll discover excellent arrangements on everything from bedding to room decors. Here at Dorm Essentials, we are one of many options that help you learn college advice and dorm living tips, as well as recommending top dorm items. These websites are among our best websites for dorm shopping.

You may be wondering who sells dorm essentials in your area. To help you find the perfect website for buying dorm essentials, we have looked into hundreds of sites and made a list of the best ones. Keep reading to know all about them. Keep in mind that many of these offer shipping directly to the dorms or colleges so you don’t need to take things across the country.

How You Can Find Out Who Sells Dorm Essentials in Your Area

To find out a perfect place to buy dorm essentials, you don’t physically have to look for a store. Multiple top-tier websites specialize in selling furniture and other dorm essentials. And the best part is, all of those websites deliver all over the United States, so you don’t have to choose a site that’s from your state. You can avail of their services from anywhere and on any college campus. 

Top 10 Websites That Sell Dorm Essentials


If you are looking for a website to purchase long-lasting dorm essentials, this site might interest you. PB Teen offers stylish and exquisite products for the dorm room. This brand also consolidates Pottery Barn quality with youthful and new designs.

The website offers one of the best shipment processes among those who sells dorm essentials. The process is specially built for students’ convenience as they usually miss calls due to classes and all, so they schedule a time before shipping the item to you. Make moving simpler by getting your online request at a PB Teen closest to your campus. 

You can customize the items before purchasing to create a personal touch. You can add names and designs; however, it will result in additional cost. 

PB Teen is on the pricier side, yet it has one of the best furniture and bedding options. The site stands out from other options since it provides a 15% student discount. They additionally have incredible alternatives for room style.

The main focus of this website is students’ convenience; they provide nails free furniture. The furniture is very easy to set up, and you don’t have to use a drilling machine to do so. You will have a hassle-free installation process.  


This incredible website is popular among students for their high-quality home goods. They have an entire segment for apartments. They likewise have a program to send your dorm essentials to your school, so you don’t have to receive the items until move-in day, which makes it extremely convenient for out-of-state students.

Bed Bath and Beyond is the home product pillar that recognizes what it’s doing and does it well. You don’t have to print a college checklist. Under the College tab, look into your school name to get to the checklist of what to bring, what not to bring, and headings to a store close to your grounds. You will find every product necessary for your dorm room, starting from twin extra-long sheets to work area lights to dormitory suitable cookware.

If you want eco-friendly and skin-friendly products, this website will be perfect for you. All the products of Bed Bath and Beyond are perfect for students of all health issues. Peruse this segment to combat those unfortunate propensities. 

This website is made for students’ convenience. The dorm essentials come at very cost-effective pricing; in fact, one of the lowest among those who sells dorm essentials. They offer incredible coupons and free shipping throughout the year. 

8. Wayfair

Wayfair is an ideal choice among students to purchase dorm essentials since it provides high-quality products at cost-effective pricing. It is an all-in-one solution for purchasing all the important items to have a convenient stay at your dorm. 

It is one of the biggest online furniture stores in the United States. There is no College or Dorm tab, yet you can locate the Back to Campus Sale here. Sign up to the site, and you can accumulate all your ideas together in the Idea Boards and Room Planner highlights. 

From beds to alarm clocks, you will find all the essential materials you need for your dorm. The website features an open box outlet, where returned items that are in like-new condition and refurbished are resold for students’ convenience. 

Shipping could be costly in different parts. So thinking of students, the website offers free shipping on purchase of over $35 and ships anything in any part of the US within just two days.  

7. Dormify

Dormify made it to our top picks since everything they sell is explicitly planned considering dorm arrangements, so you know all that will fit perfectly and be useful.

This is the ideal online store to search for everything dormitory related on the off chance that you need to have the most glitz and trendiest items. All that they sell is on-pattern and will make your apartment appear as though a Pinterest board becomes animated. However, their furniture and items are not the cheapest but will last you a long time.

Most of the students leave their homes for the first time to move into their college dorm, and we have little or no idea which furniture would go along and would be perfect for our room. To help you choose the right furniture, Dormify offers a support system and premade catalog. 

6. Amazon

Amazon needs no introduction, and they power our dorm essentials checklist. Now it is the epicenter of all online shopping. It is one of the finest sites to buy dorm essentials. We partner with Amazon because it allows us to offer you the best products and price, without requiring loyalty to any specific manufacturer or brand.

Ordering from Amazon as a student is extremely useful since it has a sorted delivery system, so you will get all your stuff within a couple of days. And the best part is that with Amazon Prime, you will have free shipping within two days. 

Amazon has millions of products for you to choose from. Basically, they have everything you need to live in a dorm room, and numerous college campuses have lockers dedicated to Amazon, from which you can pick up your item on your time. 

Did you know that students can access amazon prime for free for a full six months? Undergraduates with a valid student mail address can pursue a free half year preliminary, and after the free trial period, you will get the account at half off the normal cost.

5. Etsy

If you are a fan of unique handmade items, then this is the perfect website to buy your dorm room essentials. This amazing site offers the best product at cost-effective pricing. 

You will also find basic items like beds, sheets, alarm clock, and work area supplies, along with exquisite products. You can also add your own style to your space with an extraordinary, handmade stylistic layout and extras from Etsy.

Fill your room with beautiful works of art from Etsy. You’ll be astonished by how much it can make a difference to your overall mood. You can also get mirrors, candles, and wall decors. Etsy also offers retro and vintage materials. 

4. Society6

If you are a designing enthusiast and like to decorate your room with various artwork and designs, then this will be the perfect shop for you to buy decor items for your dorm. 

Even before looking for a website who sells dorm essentials, you might have come across Society6.  You may have surfed through this popular website for purchasing craftsmanship prints, tapestries, embroideries, or wall art. 

Society6 has now evolved into an online commercial center where you can discover stunning and remarkable art from here and help freelance artists grow. This is an extraordinary spot to search for a stylistic theme for your dorm room and will make your room unique. 

3. The Container Store

Bed and sheets are not the only dorm essentials you need to have a hassle-free stay in your room. Since mom won’t be around, so you have to keep your stuff organized by yourself. And dorm rooms are comparatively small, so you won’t be able to fit a wardrobe. Here containers come in; you can organize all your items using containers and fit them under your bed. 

You can anticipate that The Container Store should assist you with boosting the space in your dorm room. We discovered incredible getting sorted out thoughts from the site just as some different features from its College segment that you should observe. 

The store features a college starter pack, where all the essential products are organized together for students’ convenience. Meet all your storage needs with the container store. 

2. Urban Outfitters

If you want to design your room with a creative and outside the box vibe, this is the perfect site to search for things like bed sheets, floor coverings, woven artworks, stylistic theme, and so on. 

For truly in vogue and cool quarters stuff, look no farther than the Urban Outfitters home products division. They have a wide scope of furniture, stylistic themes, bedding, and shower items you can get for your dorm room. Create a record, and you can accumulate all your adorning thoughts together in the Idea Boards. With Urban Outfitters product, your room will be most unique in the whole dorm.

1. Target

Target is an ideal choice for students to purchase durable yet cost-effective items for dorm. Target consistently has a great deal of reasonable dormitory stuff in their stores each mid-year and fall during class kickoff season.

This is the place where you can purchase fundamentals like sheets and towels before school. It’s anything but difficult to do your dormitory shopping here in light of the fact that they generally have a dedicated Back to College section where everything is set together in one spot.

If you face back pain, you need a comfortable bed and mattress to have a pleasant sleep. From Target, you can purchase high-quality mattresses from the best brands in the world. And the best part is you won’t need to spend even 100 dollars to get all your dorm essentials. 


  1. Is refurbished furniture good for dorm rooms?

Ans. Refurbished furniture is basically used furniture, which is colored and cleaned to make it look like a new one. We recommend students to buy refurbished furniture for the dorm room since you mostly stay at your college campus for a maximum of four years. And you won’t feel like taking your stuff along with you, so buying refurbished furniture at a lower cost will save you a lot of money. 

  1. Where can I buy stuff for my dorm room?

Ans. There are hundreds of physical and online stores who sell dorm essentials. However, instead of physical stores, the websites will be much convenient since you won’t have to carry them over to your dorm, and you will have access to tons of products. 

  1. By when should I start shopping for a dorm?

Ans. You should start shopping in early in the summer, meaning June or July to avoid hectic situations and hassle with time. You don’t have to order before a month of going to college, but you should keep your list sorted so that at the last moment you can leave your home with peace. 


Having top-notch dorm essentials will ensure you have a comfortable and healthy stay in your room. During the summer before moving into the dorms, make sure to read through all our Dorm Essentials college advice and get an idea of the top 10s of what we commonly see in students dorms. You can then visit the list above to find companies that sells dorm essentials and delivers them to your area. 

However, choosing which shop to buy from could be somewhat tricky as there are hundreds of sites and shops you can buy the items from. With the help of the above list, we hope you will find the right website who sells dorm essentials. While any of the mentioned stores will serve you with high-quality products, it is up to you to decide which price point and delivery method suits you the best. 

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