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Best Websites for Dorm Shopping

DormEssentials November 23, 2020

Moving into a dorm for the first time certainly makes a freshman giddy but at the same time a bit anxious – as you have to pick a lot of stuff to pack for college and the dorm room. Newcomers cannot even brush aside this subject, since this room would be their housing situation for the next two semesters, at a minimum

However, before moving in, getting all the dorm essentials is critical to having a successful academic and social year. Bedding accessories, stationary keeper, table lamp, wastebasket, first-aid kit, mini-fridge, etc., are a few dorm essentials to name. The trouble here is that you might not get all of these in one store. This definitely puts you in a tight spot, because swinging by all stores for specific items is a hectic task.

But thanks to the online websites like DormEssentials.com, you can find all varieties of top ten dorm essentials in one place just to make our life easier! A number of websites are reigning today by offering different quality, taste, and price range. Among them, we’ve tried to draw up only the best websites for dorm shopping to help you make your new room vibing and comfortable within your budget!  

If you’re wondering what you need to buy, then definitely check out our dorm essentials checklist which you can check off at any of the sites below. We will definitely say we built ours with Amazon in mind, since amazon lets us pick the best products from multiple vendors, instead of being stuck with a few companies. This gets you the best function for price. Let’s check out the 5 best sites for dorm shopping.

1. Amazon

When speaking of online shopping, the name that first comes to our mind is undoubtedly Amazon. There is a high possibility that you have purchased from this website earlier. And the good news is that, you can totally pick whatever dorm essentials you need right from here without moving to any other website, especially if their items you found on dormessentials.com. Make sure to sign up for the amazon student trial if you don’t already have prime so that you can take advantage of the quick 2 day shipping! Many schools also have specific Amazon lockers and return locations on campus.

Yes, this reliable and widely popular website offers all sizes and varieties of dorm essentials. All you have to do is, type the website link https://amazon.com/ or download the Amazon app on your device, and then type your needs in the search bar and voila! You’ll find a plethora of options right in front of your device screen. From bed, couch, table, chair, table lamp to bedspread, curtain, and alike basic items, this website is like a hub for them all. Also, all kinds of electronic items are available here including TV, fan, mini-fridge, water heater, rice cooker, etc. 

Again, being a fancy person, if you want to jazz up your room with fairy lights, wall hangings, wall stickers, cute wall clock, flower vases, classy mirror, or cool floor mats – all you have to do is, write the right keyword into the search bar and order the ones you like. Not to mention, if you are thinking to change your style a bit with your new move, you’ll also get thousands of choices over here. From all styles of clothes – t-shirts, tops, pants, jackets, shorts, midis, gowns to a wide range of jewelry; it has it all. 

On top of that, it flaunts items with all quality and price range, so whether you’re ready to splurge or you’re under a tight budget – you will always find stuff that suits you. Also, for your convenience, each and every product of this site carries a precise description. From original pictures to construction material, price, warranty, and the numbers of available pieces – you’ll find them all right beside the picture of the product. So, upon your errand, you can easily skim through the details to get the ideal one for you. 

Aside from this, you also get to check the customer’s reviews and ratings, as this website allows buyers to put honest reviews along with rating it on a scale of one to five stars. However, you cannot make purchases unless you’ve an account on Amazon. So, creating an account is a must-do before you get your hand on the essentials you need. The process of creating an account is again very easy, all you need to do is fill an online registration form affirming your name, phone number, email address, postal code of your area, and finally your residence address. 

Amazon is another name of a blessing when it comes to home delivery. A lot of budding shopping websites can disappoint you by saying that it won’t be able to deliver in your area, but with Amazon, you’re completely out of this issue. In the past 26 years of service, Amazon has successfully transcended not only the borders of countries across the world but also their remote areas. So, no matter where your dorm is located, you will get your purchased items on your doorstep when you’re ordering it on Amazon. 

Lastly, we’ll enlighten you about the payment method of Amazon. To ensure the highest convenience of the customers, it accepts almost all prominent debit and credit cards including Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, American Express, and Visa card. It also accepts payments by invoice, besides if you have an Amazon gift card, you can also use it to make payments.

2. Target

Target is another haven for shopping and has a prolonged history of serving for more than two generations. However, its e-commerce site was launched in 1999 that avails all sorts of home appliances, room decors, dorm essentials to whatever you want within a very reasonable price. Everyone who happens to know about Target would agree on the point that the mantra of Target ‘expect more pay less’ is practically true.

The most intriguing part about Target is that it offers an entire section for dorm stuff. So, with this, you don’t have to search every essential by keyword as they all are jotted down together under its name only one click away from you. When you’re free and ready to hop into your dorm essentials shopping, first go to the website www.target.com and then, click the section “College Dorm Room Essentials”.

Then, a page will pop up showing the top dorm essentials categories starting from bedding to décor, furniture, electronics, storage, organization, appliances, lighting, kitchen, and more. As you tap on any category, it will take you to a page of subcategories – for instance, if you tap on bedding, you’ll see subcategories like bed sheets, pillow, blanket, mattress, bed-rest, and more. 

Again, inside these subcategories, each of the items is presented with subtle details of everything that you may need to know to make a purchase. Furthermore, Target doesn’t even promote a rigorous maneuver system, its ordering procedure is pretty easy. With Target, you are allowed to make a purchase as a guest without signing in and creating a Target account. But, in order to receive discount code, gift, and vouchers cards, creating an account is mandatory. This is why we recommend everyone to create an account on Target before placing their orders to avail discounts.

Again, creating a Target account is relatively easier than many renowned websites. Just click the box that says “get started”, next select “create account”, enter your name and email address, and set a password, that’s it. Moreover, for home delivery, you can give your address according to where you want it to be delivered. This way, you can easily place the order sitting in your home and get it delivered to your dorm. 

The payment method is beyond question the most convenient process. It accepts payment through all international debit and credit cards including Visa, PayPal, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and more. In addition, you can also pay through your Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay account. What’s more is that you can literally open the door to further discount schemes just by paying through your Target RedCard Credit Card. Nevertheless, if you wish to avail further discount schemes for yourself, you need to create your own Target RedCard account and make payments through it.


3. DormCo

Next, we’ll introduce you to DormCo which is a bit newer site than the previous two entries. Yet, it has already earned a profound reputation and raved as one of the best websites for dorm shopping across the board. This whole website is dedicated to dorm stuff and offers everything to refurbish a room from scratch. Not only that, this site also allows amazing discounts on every purchase which is an absolute boon for students.

As you go to the link https://www.dormco.com/, a page with headers of different categories will appear in front of your device screen. Room, seating, trunks, organizers, and self-privacy are some of them. Each of the headers again has several options, like if you tap on trunks, it will show options titled mini trunks, cushions, seater trunk, iron brick trunk, texture® brand trunk, etc. 

From basic home decors, furniture to electronic items, you will get whatever you are looking for on this site. What’s more is, all stripes of reading tools including types of pens, scales, compasses, notebooks, files, and other lab equipment – are also available here. Its efficacy doesn’t end here, it also offers amazing dorm packs – that are tucked up with multiple dorm essentials together. 

The perk of purchasing a dorm pack is that – with this, you’ll get the same themed dorm essentials without going the extra mile to match each of the items discreetly. Again, when you’ll be roaming to the site to fetch out the most suitable product for you – you’ll be glad to see that each of the product descriptions carries precisely detailed specifications along with the customer’s honest review and rating. In addition to that, each product has a unique product code, which allows you to easily find the right product without having to waste your time looking for it.

However, you cannot make a purchase without having an account on DormCo. Upon your very first lurking on the site, it will ask you to log in by providing an email address and password. After finishing this step, there you’ll have your own DormCo account, which means – now having your chosen dorm stuff is just one tap away. One thing that is surely going to boost your interest in DormCo is the flair that each and every DormCo product comes with a student discount option. To avail this option, you’ll have to share your student ID upon your errand.

Its payment method is no different from Amazon. Like Amazon, it too accepts payments from Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, American Express, Visa card, and other international debit and credit cards. Lastly, we’ll spill an alluring secret of DormCo with you, and that is without doing anything you can literally make money from this website. It is called “DormCo’s quick cash program”.To make the best of it, you’ll just have to post about your purchase, and before even knowing you’ll get recompense for each of your referral sales.


4. Dormify

Welcome to the world of cutie stuff! If you happen to be a little fancy person and always hunt for one-of-a-kind items, this website will definitely drive you nuts. This is exactly the place where you should dip your toe for picking your dorm stuff. If you’re wondering why we are bragging so much about this site, just type this address https://www.dormify.com/ in the internet search bar and see it for yourself.

Upon your stalking on the site, you’ll completely relate to us why we are exaggerating everything about it. You won’t be able to find a single piece in this site that is ordinary. Each of its products has something very special about it. Its unicity is its focal charm. Now, let’s talk about its product range – when you enter the site, you’ll see a number of categories peeking on the top of the screen. 

Bed, wall, furniture & décor, storage, bath, etc., sales are the header that shows up on the first page. You can check each category in turn, or you can just tap on the header “Get Started” and select the items you want. The selection process is genuinely unique and praiseworthy. It takes you through a sequential process where first you’ll be given bed sheet choices; then when you’ll be done selecting one, the site will present you pillow choices that harmonize with your selected bed sheet. This system follows continuously for other essentials consecutively. 

Like most of the websites, Dormify too requires a user account for placing an order. For creating the account, just press the button “Create Account” and provide your email address, and set a password. Dormify will pick your name from your email address, so it is advised to use an original email address for creating the account. 

Its payment method is again going to win your mind. It accepts all international debit and credit cards from Visa, PayPal, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, to all global transaction cards. Also, you can pay through your Apple Pay account. Moreover, when you receive Dormify coupon codes and gift cards, you can also use them to purchase products.


5. Etsy

If you wish to makeover your new dorm room to your imagination, then buying customized items is the only option left for you. Thanks to Etsy as it is the perfect solution that can get you everything as per your liking. Yes, you read it right, you can customize your items just as you always wanted it when you’re ordering it on Etsy. 

Etsy is basically a platform for both buyers and sellers, sellers come here to sell their specialty and buyers to buy. The combined buyer and seller numbers till today are close to 70 million. You can imagine what sort of hype happens over here on a daily basis. This is of course because – here you can get stuff from different buyers with taste and besides you can also get your imagination in your hand when you pursue the seller to customize it for you.

From basic room makeover stuff to accessories, decors, electronics, organizers to everything you’ll find on Etsy. But, when you are rooting for customizing items, you ought to create an Etsy account, since without an account you won’t be able to contact individual sellers. To create the account, you’ll just have to follow these three easy steps – first tap the box “Register”, fill out the given form with your personal information, and then log into your email account to confirm your Etsy account. 

Despite all the silver lining, we admit that the payment method of Etsy is a bit tricky. This is because the payment does not go under any particular system, instead it depends entirely on the vendor you are buying from. So, before ordering, clear up the payment issues so that you don’t run into any problems later.



This article is dedicated to those who are lately looking to makeover their dorm room. For making their task easier, here we’ve broadly discussed five of the current best websites for dorm shopping. From what you’ll get to how to order and how the payment method is like, our article has covered everything. We can vouch that by reading this article, you’ll now know where to buy your dorm stuff from.


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