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Dorm of the Month

Dorm of the Month: Elliot Choy at Vanderbilt University

DormEssentials June 9, 2021

This months dorm of the month goes to Elliot Choy from Vanderbilt University. Elliot’s dorm was in a sophomore suite at Vanderbilt University. You can watch the full dorm tour and find our top 5 dorm essentials inspired from Elliot’s dorm below!

Get the top 5 dorm essentials inspired by Elliot Choy’s Sophomore Suite Dorm Tour at Vanderbilt University:

1. Ikea Artificial Potted Plant, Wheat Grass, 7.75 Inch

Artificial plants are a go-to for bringing a healthy, cozy vibe into your dorm room. With no maintenance required, these will look good and calm the nerves!

2. Lepro 50ft LED Strip Lights, Ultra-Long RGB 5050 LED Strips with Remote Controller and Fixing Clips

LED strips are the go-to for making your dorm feel alive, whether you are studying, gaming, or hosting some friends for a in-dorm party. These lights are easy to setup and plug-and-play in nature.

3. 2 Packs Mesh Pop up Dorm Laundry Hamper (Black)

Quick popup hampers make carrying and keeping dirty clothes organized in the dorm between washes easy. These foldable versions can also be hidden and stored easily as needed.

4. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Eye-caring Table Lamps for Dorm

A desk lamp is one of our dorm essentials. From standard lighting in the room, studying, late night assignments, etc. a desk lamp is key to happy roommates and happy eyes.

5. PAGISOFE Living Room Carpet 4' x 5.3'

A soft carpet will keep your feet warm at night, or provide a bed to the friend crashing over. It also helps keep the dorm room looking clean and is easy to vacuum.

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