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The Best Supplements for Students

DormEssentials January 8, 2020

To identify the best dietary supplement for students, we looked at four key criteria: quality, ingredients, recipes, and price.

Specifically, we wanted to identify a company whose products aligned to the life and requirements of students living in dorms and whose lives involved juggling multiple activities, from socialization and fitness to studying and relaxing. With these criteria and lifestyle requirements in mind, the best dietary supplement we identified were those from Tok Wellness Company.

Tok Wellness Company uses the finest quality,¬†nature based ingredients in our craft¬†plant-based recipes to support and lift your life. It’s mindful ingredients means that even students with dietary restrictions should find the recipes meeting their requirements. Their plant based products, ranging from energy boosters to restorative wellness, are made with your well-being and health through nature as the goal.

1. Quality

When considering quality, safety of the ingredients and the manner of the preparation of the supplements was of the highest importance. Since dietary supplements are unregulated, we wanted to find a company that was certified by a number of industry standards. Tok Wellness Company’s manufacturing received the following distinctions for their products:

  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Verification (2004)
  • ISO 17025 Laboratory Certification (2010)
  • NSF cGMP Certification (2010)
  • Australian Government TGA PIC/S GMP Certification (2011)
  • ISO 22000/HACCP Food Safety Management System (2015)
  • US FDA Dietary Supplement cGMP Inspection (2017)

2. Ingredients

The second requirement was around the mindfulness of ingredients for students, ensuring that they are suitable for many common dietary restrictions. Tok Wellness Company products are formulated with ingredients that do not contain any added GMOs, caffeine, salt, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, rice, corn, wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar, fillers, by-products, or artificial ingredients.

In addition, the ingredients in the companies energy and support supplements were designed to be taken alone or together, as the design of Tok products follow the traditional herbal medicine principles of ingredient combination. A few of the ingredients found in both dietary supplements offered by the company are listed below:

3. Recipes

Two of the most important things a student needs throughout the semester are energy and support. Energy is critical for the times when extra energy is needed for social events, the long nights studying, or boosts when going to the gym. Support is helpful after a long night out, a stressful midterm/class, and general wellness. Tok Wellness Companies two products offer Energy and Support.

Both, ENERGY and SUPPORT, provide a long lasting lift in physical and mental energy. In ENERGY, ginseng root, astragalus root and epimedium leaf present to focus on the immediate need for physical and mental strength. SUPPORT combines ganoderma fungus fruiting body, ginseng root and mulberry twig to promote longevity and preservation of one’s physical and mental health. ENERGY and SUPPORT were designed to be take alone or together.

4. Price

Tok Wellness Company products are designed for wellness, and as result include 120 tablets in each bottle. Since the serving size is 2-4 tablets per bottle, this means there is 1-2 months of supply in each, plenty to take a student through their semester. From a cost per serving perspective, each ranges from 1-2$ per serving, which is well below unhealthy alternatives students commonly ingest, such as energy shots, drinks, or coffees. Interested in trying them out for yourself? You can explore further at the links below.

Energy Supplement

Support Supplement

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