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A Couple of Noisemakers

DormEssentials January 3, 2018
In this  DormEssentials blog we hear the story of a SDSU freshmen who was alerted by loud noises in the showers. This story reminded us of the unexpected life and youthful energy of the dorms during our freshmen days. Take it away, anonymous.

“One of the funnier memories I have of living in the dorms concerns a girl who lived on my floor and her boyfriend. I am not entirely sure why they chose a relatively quiet Tuesday night during finals week to have loud shower sex, but I guess that is some quality stress relief if anything. It all began when I strolled out of the elevator with my headphones on, fresh off of a five hour study session in the library. I walked out into the hallway and noticed a couple friends huddled on the floor by the bathroom door with looks of confusion mixed with amusement on their faces. I took my headphones out and asked them why they were hanging out by the bathroom when I heard the first groan. Oh. So that’s whats happening. One would think that she would at least try to be quiet. Instead, it legitimately sounded like she might be involved some sort of f***** up mating ritual. This shower scene went on for about 25 minutes (impressive) and the crowd gradually kept growing. At one point there was legitimately fifteen people standing in the hallway, like it was some sort of creepy floor meeting. Even my RA walked by- obviously the college student in her was slightly amused, but she kept it professional and told us to “stop being weird”. 

Right at that moment, the girl and her boyfriend walked out of the bathroom. Everyone had gotten so distracted by their own conversations and the timely appearance of our RA that they didn’t realize the duet had stopped. Needless to say, it was awkward as f***. Fifteen silent people (and our RA) staring right at the out of breath couple wearing only towels. A couple people started awkwardly applauding, and soon after the girl and her boyfriend walked/ran to the safety of her room amid a clapping audience. Ah, the things you see in college.” -Anonymous

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