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Will a Twin Comforter Fit a Twin XL Bed?

DormEssentials November 21, 2020

If you’re a freshman and just starting your dorm life, you may want to prepare and pack early on. One of the most important items you’d need is the comforter for the dorm bed. But which size will suit dorm beds? Almost all dorm beds have a twin XL mattress. While choosing the bedding materials, one must keep in mind this size. Since there is no twin XL-sized comforter in the market, people often get confused about which size they should get for the best comfort. The majority of the students choose twin comforters, but will a twin comforter fit a twin XL bed? The quick answer is yes, partially, but are there better options out there? Let’s find out the best comfortable size for your dorm bed. When you’re done, make sure to check out the best comforters for a good nights sleep!


Dorm Beddings: Know the Essentials 

Before delving into the whole debacle of will a twin comforter fit in a twin XL bed, let’s look into some important facts about dorm bedding.

Items of Dorm Bedding

While dorm beds are far from comfortable, you can make it cozy by adding some necessary items. 


A good comforter or duvet is an important bedding item that you must take. Comforter type will depend upon the bed size. There are various types of designs for comforters, ranging from S to XL size.


Pillows are essential items for comfort. College life can become stressful and you may have to pull all-nighters often. So bring enough comfy pillows with you for the dorm.


Make sure to bring a good quality bedding sheet for your dorm bed. The bed sheet gets dirty easily, so it’s recommended to buy durable cotton bedding.  

Mattress Topper

Although the dorm provides you with mattresses, they are often not very comfortable. You can buy one for yourself or stick with the provided one. 

Throw Blankets

During the harsh winter, the comforters and blankets may not be enough to get warmth. So, bring a throw blanket to provide enough coziness you need.


The Standard Size of College Dorm Bedding

College dorm beddings come with a twin XL size mattress. It’s the standard mattress size for most colleges and the adjacent halls. Twin XL tends to be longer than the width. According to size charts, a twin XL bed is 80 inches long and 39 inches wide only. Connecting two twin beds will result in a queen bed.


What is the Difference Between Twin and Twin XL? 

Twin and twin XL size differ only by length. Twin beds have a length of 75 inches, making them slightly less longer than twin XL, which is 5 inches longer. They both have the same width, which is 38 to 39 inches. Twin beds are suited for single sleepers being under six feet, whereas twin XL is for people over six feet.


Why Do Twin XL Beds Dominate College Dorms? 

Almost all college dorms have twin XL size bedding. The reason behind it is quite obvious, as the twin XL size can accommodate any body shape and size. A study suggests that men tend to reach the maximum growth height during their 20s, aka the college years. As men’s average height reaches about 69 inches, 80 inches of bed is the best choice. Twin beds are not preferred as it can cause contortion of the body and result in discomfort.

Aside from the comfort in design, there are practical reasons behind choosing twin XL. When the dorm bed designs were redefined during the 70s, twin XL bed size was considered perfect for students in terms of maintaining. The dorm beds should be small so that multiple beds can be placed in a single room. The social setting and atmosphere of dorm life, such as sharing a room with many people– all of these are considered while designing a dorm room. Without getting all philosophical about this, what you need to know is that twin XL bed size seems to be the best practical choice for dorms.


Can a Twin Comforter Fit a Twin Bed? 

So, will a twin comforter fit a twin XL bed? Now that we know the difference between twin size and twin XL size, we can answer it easily. Yes, a twin comforter will fit a twin XL bed, but it may not be comfortable enough. Why? Because a typical twin size is 5 inches shorter than the bed length. Though it will cover your body fully, it wouldn’t cover the bed lengthwise. If you prefer a comforter slightly draped around all sides, a twin comforter for twin XL may not be for you. But if you are comfortable with it fitting your body length, then feel free to opt for the twin size. 


Full-Size Vs. Queen Size Vs. Twin Size Comforter 

Will a twin comforter fit a twin-sized bed, or full-size comforters are better? Some prefer a slightly larger comforter for their bed and go for a full-sized one. Full-sized comforter tends to be wider, being 81 to 84 inches. Keep in mind that it’s larger in width and would hang around the edges and touch the floors. If you don’t keep the floors clean every day, you may end up with a dirty comforter, which is a huge pain to clean. A full-sized comforter is also slightly costlier than twin sized and does not look aesthetically pleasing either due to the width. Twin size comforters have the only disadvantage of being short lengthwise and may decrease in length further after a few washes. If you love a bigger comforter to fully cover the dorm bed, you can choose a full-sized one.

If your dorm bed is slightly raised, you can consider buying a queen size comforter. Queen size comforters are 94 inches long, so it goes well over the bed length. But if your bed is elevated, then the length won’t be an issue. It’s a great choice for taller people who would like a comforter they can tuck into.


What Should You Look for in a Dorm Bed Comforter? 

Match with Mattress Size

Before buying a comforter, make sure to match with mattress size. Dorm beds are twin XL, as mentioned, but at times the length and width can vary. So, check the mattress size before deciding on the comforter.

Another point to be noted is the thickness of the mattress and comforter. Usually, the catalog will only show the bedding’s length and width while being ambiguous about the depth. So select a comforter with appropriate thickness for the best comfort.

Duvet vs. Comforter

You can choose to buy a duvet instead of a comforter, as they both have the same function. Duvets are a fluffier version of the comforter, and they are easier to clean. The comforter is flatter but serves a similar purpose. Comforters have the upper edge of being easier to carry and store, whereas duvets are better suited for the home.

Fabric Type

It’s important to choose a comfortable fabric for your comforter. Cotton comforters are perhaps the most popular ones. They are easy to clean but wear out in a short time. If the weather is often too cold around the campus, you could choose a wool comforter. However, they might cause overheating. Silk comforters are a great option, as they are soft and hypoallergenic. The only downside is their cost. Recently, bamboo material has become quite popular as comforters.


Buy a comforter that can be easily washed. Usually, comforter covers are dry washed. Choose a high quality and durable comforter that can withstand multiple washes without tethered fabric.


College life means a restricted budget, so don’t overspend on comforters. Try to look for a formidable one that might last for a few years. It is unlikely you will have time to run around buying a new comforter, so invest in a good one but don’t go broke in the process.


Best Twin Comforter for Dorm Room

There are plenty of student-friendly options while choosing a twin comforter. L.L Bean manufactures the best comforters in the market, while Goose Down has one of the best ratings and reviews. Feather Friend manufactures slightly expensive ones, but they last longer and provide the best performance over a long time. If you are interested in investing in a good quality comforter, this can be a great choice. For under $50 options, Utopia Bedding’s reversible comforters are great. They are breathable and cheap, at times performing better than the high-end ones. Our full list of dorm comforters can be found here.


The Verdict 

Twin comforters will fit into the conventional twin XL beds provided in dorms. However, “fitting” may not equate to comfort. Using a twin comforter means it would be a bit short on length, and you may not be able to stretch or tuck in. So, some prefer buying a full-sized or queen-sized comforter instead. It depends greatly on your personal preferences and comfort level. 

As college students, you may need to pull all-nighters and lead hectic lives, but never underestimate the power of a good night sleep and a good comforter. So, before buying a comforter, consider all these factors and choose a suitable one for your dorm bed.


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