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What Size TV Should I Bring to College?

DormEssentials November 19, 2020

College life can become very stressful and hectic. If you barely get any time to get out for movie nights or parties, why not get a TV for your dorm? Choosing a perfect TV for your college dorm can be a tricky task as there are plenty of limitations in terms of space. If you are wondering what size TV should I bring to the college dorm, you’ve come to the right place. There is no single answer to this question, as it depends on what your preference is and the dorm itself. Let’s go into the details and figure out which size would be great for your dorm! Once you do, don’t forget to check out our top dorm TV‘s, along with the best dorm tv stands to mount it.


Is a TV For the Dorm Room Worth It? 

Whether or not you should get a TV for the dorm depends entirely on you. If you are tired of squinting while watching shows on a laptop screen, a TV screen might be for you. In college, the schedules are hectic and you’d want ways to recharge yourself from time to time. Getting a TV for your dorm may help you relax. There’s nothing like hopping on the bed and enjoying your favorite sports on TV, whether by yourself or with friends. A TV is a great social gathering for movie nights or for a date night of netflix and chill.


Things to Consider Before Deciding the TV Size 

Before deciding the perfect size of your TV, consider a few points to make it easier. Following are some of the factors to think about before bringing a TV into your dorm room.


Before getting a TV, figure out why you want one, because the purpose will assist you in deciding what size TV should you bring to college. Are you looking for some time to yourself and enjoy watching alone? Then a relatively small to medium-sized TV will do. If you want a TV to watch with a bunch of friends, then it’s a good idea to get a slightly bigger one. Are you interested in playing video games? Consider the screen resolution as a variable too.

Dorm Size

Perhaps this is the most important thing to consider before deciding the size. Dorm size and furniture size will determine what size of TV you should bring to college. Don’t clutter your room too much with a large-sized TV. If you have enough wall space, a larger TV may not be a bad idea, after all. Make sure to get a wall-mount for a larger TV. For small to medium TV, a desk or table stand is enough.


Larger TV with smarter functions tends to be slightly expensive, most costing over $200. So, check the wallet and decide your range before buying one. Good news is that there are plenty of affordable options in the market, some companies also have special offers and discounts for students. It’s not wise to spend too much on fancy TVs. If possible, share the cost with someone to bear the load. Make sure to check for any special offers before buying a TV.

Go About it Mathematically

If you’re cringing why on earth you need math to figure out TV size, we hate to break it to you that this is the smartest way to go! If you are in a dilemma about TV size, do a simple calculation. Measure the viewing distance in inches, which means measure the distance between your bed and the place you’re setting the TV at. Then divide this number by two and voila, you have your TV size.


What is the Best Size TV for a College Dorm Room? 

Best Overall Size for the Dorms: 32 Inch TV

If you ask me what size TV should I bring to college, the answer would be 32 inches. Medium in size and not too expensive, this is the length that you can’t go wrong with. If you want a TV to watch alone or with friends, roommates or dates, a 32 inches TV will be amazing. You have the flexibility to keep it on the desktop or mount on the wall, although the latter one is recommended. Here is a great 760p Toshiba smart TV at 32 inches:

Most dorms can easily accommodate a 32-inch TV without sacrificing too much wall space. The screen space is enough for playing video games with friends. However, it can still occupy a bit of space if you have a very small dorm. If there are more than two roomies in the dorm, 32 inches may be better if the tv is shared, but worse if you keep it for yourself. But it’s still the perfect balance when it comes to size and quality. If you really want full 1080p, then this insignia 32 inch TV is for you:

Best Size for Small Dorm Room & Budget

22 to 24 inch TVs are great options if you prefer a small TV and are on a tight college budget. These tend to sit well on desks without toppling over and don’t make the dorm room appear chaotic. You can keep it on your study desk, right beside books and notes. It’s usually the size of usual laptops or monitors. The biggest advantage of a smaller sized TV of roughly 24 inches is that they are easily portable. In dorms, you may need to change rooms for many reasons and a huge TV dangling around in the crowdie corridors is that last thing you’d want. 

The only problem is that you may not have that many features available and the screen resolution might not hit the mark. They also tend to be less resilient and not exactly recommended if you are searching for a cinema experience. But if these are not bothersome for you, go ahead and buy a TV of 22 to 24 inches’ size.

Avid TV Watcher? Try 48 to 50 Inches.

Want to go big and get a larger TV? Then consider the 48-50 inches range. If you are someone who would love to avail the experience of watching TV, this is the perfect size for you. It would surely be too large for a dorm room, but if you can make space for mounting it on the wall (with permission from roommates of course), the space constraint won’t be a problem. Adjust your other accessories and furniture so that the room doesn’t seem messy. 

60 Inch TVs for Social Butterflies

Are you someone who would love to host watch parties with friends? Then a 60-inch TV is suitable for you, as it is the maximum size possible for a dorm room. Usually, in dorms, not all people have TV, and for game nights, everyone tends to flock to one room and watch it together. If you’d love to gather around and enjoy watching TV with the whole gang, don’t be afraid to buy a 60 inches long TV.  


What are the Best TVs in the Market for a Dorm Room? 

If you have found the answer to what size TV should I bring to college, then the next obvious question would be which TV should you choose. There are numerous options out there and intimate performances, so it’s hard to decide which one to stick with. You can narrow down your options though, as some brands excel in making smaller and efficient TV, while some are apt in making middle to large-sized ones. 

LG electronics make one of the best 24-inch TVs suited for small dorms. The smart LED TV from VIZIO, which garnered a lot of popularity is also 24 inches and dorm-friendly.

Samsung manufactures one of the best 32 inches TVs in the market. Their smart LED TV of 32 inches is one of the most student-friendly options out there in terms of usability and price. If you are looking for a bigger sized TV, Toshiba 32-inch HDTV is a great option. There are other options as well, so explore and criticize them for figuring out what suits you best.


What Else to Look for?


Weight is an important factor to consider before buying a TV for a dorm. Modern TVs are all on the lighter side. However, it’s wise not to buy a TV that is too delicate for a dorm. College dorms can become hectic and occasionally wild with weeknights, so choose a thin but not too delicate TV. Luckily, there are many models available in the market and they come with a warranty.

Smart TV 

Smart TVs allow you to do more than just channels. You can operate Netflix or Amazon Prime on smart televisions, download movies, surf around the internet and scroll through Facebook- do everything as with your phone and computer. There are various types of smart TVs, but the most famous ones are either LED or LCD TV. The flip side is the price as they tend to be a bit expensive due to the added features.


Having a sturdy TV is a must, especially if you are in a dorm. Buy a TV that is not just perfect in size but also has a strong frame. Getting a TV stand can also ensure durability. For larger TVs, wall mounts can protect them from being toppled over. Check the reviews regarding this in the websites to get an idea.



Choosing a suitable sized TV depends on many factors depending on the individual. However, if you are unable to decide on “what size TV should I bring to college?”, the answer from us would be a 32-inch TV. You can’t go wrong with this size as it is neither too small nor too large. There are plenty of great brands in the market having dorm friendly TVs of this particular size. So if you are feeling indecisive, consider 32 inches as your go-to option.


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