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College Move In Day

DormEssentials May 22, 2019

You’ve stumbled across this article after countless Youtube videos of what to expect for college, what rushing a sorority or fraternity is like, and of course after you’ve received loads of snail mail and e-mails telling you how much you need Twin Extra Long fitted sheets on move in day!  (Spoiler alert: you will never use these again in the real world, no mattress is made this size. Check out our full list of dorm essentials to make sure you didn’t miss anything else on move in day!) But what you should you really expect when it comes to physically moving into the dorms? Here are some easy tips to make sure Move In Day goes as smoothly as any disastrous whirlwind of packing and unpacking go:

Largest to Smallest. Whether it’s loading up the car, folding clothes into suitcases, or even packing a small make up bag: start with the largest items, then add the next smallest, then the next smallest and so on. It’s wizardry and I don’t quite understand it but it works.

Get Help. Whether you’re the most independent person you know or have a family that could occupy a small nation, get helping hands! It will make the actual process of moving items go by so much smoother, and then you can stand alone when placing and decorating.

Be excited! This one could easily go at the end of the list, but I’ll drop it here before the all the anxiety kicks in. This is a big moment for you! You made it through all the previous levels of schooling, then you applied to this place, and they accepted you! And now you’re off to the races on a whole new journey of life away from your old home and surrounded by new friends! While move in day might be stressful, know that it’s the hump you have to get over for the fun times to really start rolling. (The fun will be stopped on Move Out day. Equally as stressful, definitely more sad.)

Save space. Take advantage of plastic storage units and other dorm space savers. Does this one really need more explaining? They’re available at Target, Walmart, IKEA, Amazon, everywhere. They will help you organize, they will help you feel sane when midterms hit.

Where are you moving to? Sunny San Diego doesn’t need your East Coast coat, and New York will eat up your silk romper. Take all the cute clothes that will actually keep your body alive. Worst case scenario you have your family ship you what you forgot, or feel like you’ll “die with out.” Either that or make friends quick and hope they share!

More help! On Move In Day, there will be tons of RA’s, maybe even hot frat guys, offering to help move you into the dorms. Take it! Maybe strike up a conversation with them that’s not about academics while your parents run to the car to get your 20 pound make up case.

You don’t really need furniture. Sure the chairs aren’t perfect in the dorms, but bringing your own futon, rolling office chair, or night stand is just going to take up more of that limited space. Move in first, then decide if you’d like to buy any pieces that would actually help the space than clutter it.

My last piece of advice is more important than having a number attached to it, so listen carefully. Your family loves you, and sometimes when people who have watched you grow up a being as big as their hand to a full-blown person with wild and vivid character traits, have to finally let you go, they can manifest their sadness into what comes out as weird anger towards your belongings. I mean, moving is already stressful—then add on the fact that when the last of the items are relocated, this person is watching you leave their daily life…OOPH! Emotions! Tears! Not to mention, these things are probably running through your subconscious too. So my best piece of advice for this day is to be patient and gracious with everyone who is helps you move, because they are really sending off a wonderful person to their next great adventure.

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