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Finding College Hobbies

DormEssentials January 31, 2019

So it’s a few weeks into your term. You’ve settled into your dorm and made good friends with your roommates. You’re getting a hang of your coursework, and you’re on track for your dream career after graduation. You’ve got big plans, and you’re steadily working your way towards accomplishing them. But it’s not all about the future. You’re in college. This is the greatest time of your life, and it’s a time to be finding your college hobbies.

You are being exposed to new ideas in the classroom, growing as a young professional through education, but also on a more personal tip, as an individual. You are meeting new people from different parts of the world, expanding your perspective. You are finding yourself in new situations and undergoing new experiences, through which you are coming to learn more about your-self. You are trying new things and figuring out what you like and don’t like, both developing and discovering your own identity. Ultimately, one of the critical dimensions of learning and education during college is personal development through intellectual, artistic, and social growth and exploration.

Taking time to explore and develop hobbies is a critical part of self-development, and college is an ideal time to begin and mature interests that can last a lifetime. The greatest conduit for developing hobbies in college is going to be your surrounding by peers that reinforce your interests. You can find interest groups at your university by looking at clubs and organizations established on campus. These are formal channels where you can find a group of students interested in service or volunteering, like Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, or Teach for America, establishing social groups, like greek life, practicing religion and spirituality, or celebrating culture. There are also going to be groups centered on specific interests, like dance, martial arts, chess, literature, global politics, or comic books. There is sure to be an extensive list of organizations on your campus, each one eager than the next to share their excitement with you. Find a few that look interesting and give them a try.

Another great place to find hobbies on campus is going to be at your gym and athletic centers. Here you will find not only groups engaged in exercise and weightlifting, but recreational sports leagues. These can include traditional intramural sports leagues for soccer, football, volleyball, and basketball, but also leagues for ultimate frisbee, kickball, and dodgeball. Your athletic center probably also has groups interested in activities like yoga, pilates, Zumba, and barre. These are all healthy, social activities that can be great ways to stay fit, get involved on campus, and relieve stress during the term. And, just like campus organizations, they are all very conducive to beginners!

Your campus also probably has some form of a center for arts and crafts. Maybe you are interested in trying out theatre? How about drawing or painting? Maybe ceramics? How about photography, film, and cinematography? College campuses generally have a very vibrant art community owing to the great creative spirit of college students. Take the time to explore the art scene on your campus. Finding the right creative outlet at this time in your life can be extremely satisfying, and college can expose you to artistic forms you had not even considered before!

Finally, you may find that your campus offers 1 unit electives from a variety of activities – from piano and music to surfing and outdoor sports. Even if you don’t need the units, take advantage of these school sponsored classes to try something new, and to get a break from the stress of academics. It offers a good routine to try something new and meet new people.

So, take the time to explore. Hobbies are not only a great way to have a healthy work-life balance and aid stress management, but are also critical to self-exploration and development. Your time in college is ideal for trying new things, and you may find some of the hobbies you start in college have a great impact on you for the rest of your life. Take the chance, and try something new!

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