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All The Dorm Activities of Sorority Life

DormEssentials February 3, 2018

So maybe one girl, or both roommates, or the whole suite has decided to go through sorority recruitment to find life long friends and to pack their little black books with more stories than names. The House that chooses you will serve as a home away from home, but don’t forget: you’re still living in the dorms. In this DormEssentials blog, we explore some of the most notable times that these headquarters will take abuse:

During rush, or the more “politically correct” term: recruitment, you’ll be attending “parties” at each of the sorority houses. These are a way to meet current members and make a good first impression. This means your dorm will have make up and clothes strewn everywhere. As the week progresses, and your house choices dwindle down, the more formal these events become. That doesn’t stop any of us from trying on our dream outfit only to realize it’s a hot mess live—cue eight costume changes. And because you missed your alarm, you’ll be whipping your make up on with such ferocity for that Insta Glam face that foundation will be left open, eye shadow palettes will be cracked, and bronzer will some how have made it’s mark on the wall.

Big & Little Week
So you found your perfect house, or you’re trying to convince yourself that it is. Before you can decide whether you want to commit *~forever~*, the sorority-Christmas arrives: Big & Little Week. Traditionally your “Big” is going to make a ton of presents for you that coordinate with your dorm room aesthetic. This could range from picture frames, to bulletin boards, to blankets, to your initial letters, to large margarita glasses, to canvases painted with the sorority’s colors & motifs. If you’re Type A, these items will find their perfect spot to compliment your room. If you’re Type Messy—like  me—some items will get put up, and some items will lovingly get tossed on top of a pile of clothing that you still haven’t picked up from Recruitment. What? I know exactly where my Delta Omega jewelry box is—it’s under my favorite going out shirt that’s wedged between the mini-fridge and the wall.

Conversely, there will be times you have to make presents for your Big or another sorority sister, and when that happens know that no matter what there will be glitter. Even if you didn’t buy any glitter to use. Somehow, the act of sorority crafting draws in glitter like a Pentagon carved into the floor attracts the devil. The glitter will spread from the floor where you crafted to the corners and crevices of the room to between your sheets. Don’t ask how, just accept it. Maybe you’re not as big on the crafting and rather just find a fitting decoration to celebrate your big or little.

Drunk Nights
There will be puke, there will be mascara tears, and there will be stains we will never talk about again. No matter how much your roommate wants to kill you for the irreversible damage, know that as long as apologies are said, one day you’ll all look back and have a good laugh about it. Take this time to thank the heavens that dorms don’t force you to put down a security deposit, but in most cases there’s nothing a good bit of cleaning can’t fix. If you’re doing college or a sorority sober: good for you! It doesn’t mean you or your duvet won’t be in the line of puke fire at least once. Think of these non-repairable items as tangible memories of your wildest days.

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