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The Best Dorm Halloween Decorations

DormEssentials October 14, 2020

Decorating the dorms for halloween festivities is fun. It’s one of the other things you can do outside from the costumes and weekend parties. Adding a spooky halloween decorations to your dorm room can cheer up the whole dorm floor with a festive vibe! Add these Halloween dorm room decorations to your room to set a festive atmosphere in your dorm. We’ve compiled our list of the top 10 best halloween dorm room decorations, taking in consideration the limited space available to you.

1. Bats Wall Decal Wall Sticker Dorm Halloween

Coming with 28 bats, you can place these adhesives anywhere from windows to doors and walls, all over the halls of your dorm! Add a spooky vibe to your dorm at a very affordable price.

2. Dorm Halloween Bats Spiders Window Clings Decals Stickers

If you want more variety than just bats, look no further than this assortment of Halloween theme decals that you can place on your dorm windows! No windows? No problem, you can apply these on any smooth surface such as your dorm door or wall.

3. Dorm Halloween 3D Door Stickers

If your dorm lets you decorate your door, the easiest way to add a seasonal theme to your dorm floor is if everyone decorates their doors! When Halloween comes around the corner, grab one of these creepy halloween door covers for your dorm.

4. Halloween Dorm Decorations Door ,Trick or Treat & Halloween Signs

A less bold and more classic door decoration, these halloween door banners can easily be hung anywhere in your door floor or outside your dorm room.

5. Dorm Halloween Non-Woven Door Hanging Decor Haunted House Skull

A subtle but visually appealing skull decoration for your dorm, this is a refined way to add a Halloween vibe to your dorm room. Hang it up on your wall or your door.

6. Dorm Halloween String Lights, Battery Operated 10fts 20 LED Pumpkin

LEDs are all the rage for themed dorm rooms, and these little pumpkins are sure to create the Halloween atmosphere in October.┬áhis Warm Light Pumpkin Halloween lights is 9.84ft length with 20 LEDs to produce an eerie glow. The only downside is it requires 3 AA batteries, but this also means you don’t need to plug it in and can hang it anywhere.

7. Dorm Halloween Ghost String Lights

If pumpkins aren’t your thing, these cute spooky ghosts are another led string of lights that are battery operated.

8. Dorm Skeleton Skull Lights

If both pumpkins and ghosts aren’t your thing, how about these spooky skeletons? This two packs also is battery operated.

9. Dorm Maple Leaf String Lights

Soft silky leaves make the maple leaf light more vivid and realistic, if you want to go for a more generic fall theme these lights are for you!

10. Dorm Two-Sided Halloween Lighted Pumpkin Shadow Box

This halloween decor was made to sit on your study table, and requires 2 AA batteries to operate. Its the perfect hallloween decor for your dorm room.

In addition to these great decorations you can buy, here are a few other easy college Halloween dorm decoration ideas:

  1. Orange and black streamers: Hang orange and black streamers around your dorm room to create a spooky atmosphere.
  2. Halloween lights: String up some Halloween-themed lights, such as jack-o’-lantern lights or ghost lights, to add a festive touch to your dorm room.
  3. Paper lanterns: Create your own paper lanterns using orange and black construction paper, or purchase pre-made lanterns to hang in your dorm room.
  4. Wall decals: Use Halloween-themed wall decals or stickers to add a festive touch to your dorm room walls.
  5. Pumpkin carving: Carve a small pumpkin or two and place them on your desk or windowsill to add a festive touch to your dorm room.
  6. Fake cobwebs: Use fake cobwebs to decorate your dorm room, either by draping them over furniture or hanging them in corners.

Overall, these are just a few easy college Halloween dorm decoration items and ideas that can help to create a festive atmosphere in your living space. Be sure to follow any guidelines or rules set by your college or university regarding Halloween decorations in dorm rooms.

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