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Best Dorm Neon Sign

DormEssentials July 26, 2020

From rugs to wall decorations and string lights, there are a number of common dorm decorations. One element that will add a unique style to your dorm room is a dorm neon sign. Neon sign for the dorm provide a retro and hip mood sure to emit good vibes only. In this dorm essentials top 10, we share our affiliated favorite 10 dorm neon sign for the dorm room.

1. Isaac Jacobs 18” x 8” inch LED Neon ‘White & Pink IceCream Popsicle‘

DESIGN: This popsicle LED sign is 3D art that brightens and transforms the space around it. Use it to enliven a living room, retro fit a kitchen, or make a stylish bar or iconic game room. Great to add personality to your dorm room. Create a fun and lively ambiance to a small apartment or any room, wall, or shelf by using this bold sign that POPS.

2. Isaac Jacobs 17” x 12” inch LED Neon ‘White & Pink “hello” Word Bubble’

SIZE: 17 inches wide x 12 inches high ● Clear LED tubing mounted to clear plastic background ● Two pre-drilled holes for easy hanging (screws not included) ● **Larger than comparable neon signs**EASY TO USE: Powered by USB ● Chord length is 6′ 4” (76 inches) ● LED tubing is touchable even when on – product does not get hot! ● Just plug into a wall adapter or computer USB port to turn on! NOTE: Does NOT include a power adapter

3. Neon Love Signs Light LED Love Art Dorm Decor Sign

Cute LOVE Design: LOVE shape, creating a dreamy and warm atmosphere. Beautiful and modern decorative LED lights. This LED light trim adds a touch of vibrancy to the bedside table. Create a warm atmosphere for your dorm. Battery and USB Adapter Operation: Only 3 AA batteries (not included in the package) or a USB cable (can be connected to a computer, charger). There are two holes behind the lamp that can be hung on the wall or placed on the table.

4. Hopolon Lip Neon Signs, LED Dorm Neon Light for Party Supplies

★UNIQUE DESIGN:Hopolon Lip shaped neon signs night light is the ideal eye catching addition to your party or home table or wall , with the comfortable warm light , a wonderful neon art light to replace the boring desk lamp and add color to the darkest dorm.

5. XIYUNTE Cloud Light Neon Signs Led Dorm Neon Wall Light

★【LIGHT UP YOUR HOME】Cloud neon lights light up your home, add romantic with warm white led night signs for home decoration. offers a romantic ambiance in your room, perfect for your little princess and prince.neon light signs is an ideal eye catching to your dorm decor or party, making the simple life more colors and interesting

6. XIYUNTE Pink Neon Light Lightning Bolt Led Dorm Neon Sign Wall Light

★【LIGHT UP YOUR DORM】Lightning bolt neon lights light up your dorm, add romantic with pink led night signs for home decoration. offers a romantic ambiance in your room, perfect for your little princess and prince.neon light signs is an ideal eye catching to your home decor or party, making the simple life more colors and interesting

7. Desung Brand New 14" It was All A Dream Gift Lamp

1. SIZE:the length (The longest side) of this neon sign (Acrylic Panel) is about 14″, but the width is based on the Length/width rate of this sign in the image. For a square sign, the size is about 14″ x 14″. For a rectangle sign, the size might be 14″ x 10″,14″ x 6″ etc. It depends on the shape of the sign. 2. Low temperature, high security ,highly energy efficient and durable. 100% handcrafted Real Glass Tube, NOT plastic tube lights or LED signs.

8. 15" LED Moon Star Shaped Neon Signs Decor Wall Decor Art Sign

【3D Higher End Christmas Art Design】Blue Start Warm White Star LED light sign neon, clear LED tubing mounted to clear PC background. Thanks to the addition of a transparent PVC board, our neon light looks higher and is not easily deformed.【Easy to Use】Two pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. Our neon bar signs is powered by USB, charge by power bank, plug, computer let it can be used anywhere you want.

9. Cute Rainbow Neon Sign,LED Rainbow Light/Lamp for Dorm Decor

✔UNIQUE DESIGN: Cute Neon Rainbow SIGN night light,is a wonderful solution for your little ones room decor. Beautiful and modern decorative Led lamp.Add vigor to that bed side table with this LED light decor.It offers a warm light ambiance to your place. ✔OPTIONAL WAYS TO BE PLACED:There are two holes behind the lamp, you can hang it on the wall,or place it on the table.5 colors(purple/blue/green/orange/red)

10. Realwell Pink Good Vibes Only Neon Sign Wall Decor

Convenient & Easy-To-Install Product: Neon Sign Mounted On Acryllic board With Goregous Shapes & Just Hang On Wall With Chains. One-Year FREE Product Warranty & Repair: All Replaceable parts included. Unique Lighting Design: Amazing & Good-looking Neon Sign Replacing The Table Lamp For Lighting & Enlightening Up The Dorm Room Atmosphere.

Neon signs can be a fun and unique way to add some personalization to your dorm room. However, there are a few things to consider before adding one to your space.

First, make sure that the neon sign is allowed by your dorm’s rules and regulations. Some dorms may have restrictions on the types of decorations that are allowed, and a neon sign may fall into this category. You can check with your resident advisor if you’re unsure. Most dorms allow these, especially if they are made out of plastic instead of glass.

Second, consider the size and placement of the neon sign. Dorm rooms can be small and crowded, and a large neon sign may take up too much space or be a distraction. It’s important to choose a size and location for the sign that will be both visually appealing and functional, for both you and any roommate you may have.

Third, keep in mind that neon signs can be energy-intensive and may increase your electricity usage. If you are concerned about energy efficiency or your dorm’s electricity budget, you may want to choose a different type of decoration. Most dorms include utilities so this may not be as much of a concern.

Dorm neon signs can be a fun and stylish addition to a dorm room, as long as you consult your roommate, consider the rules, size, placement, and energy usage before making a purchase.

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