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22 Jump Street Dorm Essentials

DormEssentials January 22, 2022

If you watched 22 Jump Street, you know that Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) were headed back to Metro City State College living in dorm 322.

22 Jump Street - College Dorm on Make a GIF

One of the first things they did as they moved into their dorm rooms was unpack their own college essentials. If you haven’t seen it, you can relive the scene below:

If you want to get our official student curated list of dorm essentials, then don’t forget to check out our full college packing checklist,¬†or check out the 22 jump street list below!

What are the dorm essentials from 22 jump street?

Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill)’s dorm checklist from 22 jump street included:

1. Pop Up Hamper

This 22 jump street white pop up hamper is great for dirty clothes in the dorms, and walking to and from the laundry machines.

2. Blue Shower Caddy

This blue shower caddy is a 22 jump street dorm essential for Schmidt (doug).

3. Hot Plate

While they had a hot plate in their dorm list at 22 jump street, we advise checking with your dorm policies or relying on a microwave instead.

4. Red Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair is a dorm staple for sitting and fun.

5. Red College Drinking Shirt

While not the original beer pong design from the movie, let everyone know you drink with this shirt.

6. Disco Light

Nothing says a dorm party like a disco light.

7. Shower Poofs

These 3 shower poofs are as fun for cleaning as throwing.

8. Q Tips

Don’t drop these q tips into anyone’s sandwhich.

9. Comforter

While your comforter may not get washed, you can atleast match your bedding with this set.

10. Lambo Poster

Get inspired like Jenko with this lambo poster.

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