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10+ Dorm Wallpaper Ideas for Dorm Wall Decor in 2022

DormEssentials May 4, 2022

College dorm rooms comes very bland with plain walls, usually white or brick without any wallpaper. So how can you quickly and cost effectively add a theme and style to your dorm walls? Removable wallpaper on the dorm walls can act as an affordable way to show your creativity and style. In this article, we are going to cover some amazing ways to decorate your dorm walls and provide 10+ different dorm wallpaper styles for 2022. Just remember to check with your resident assistant about any policy on wallpapers, as removing the dorm wallpaper may cause possible paint damage or leave sticky glue on the walls. Make sure to test the removability of the wallpaper on a small section before installing it through your entire dorm room. If you damage the walls or leave residue you will have to pay fines.

10+ Best Temporary Dorm Wallpapers for 2022

Temporary wallpapers are perfect for our dorm walls. It gives the option to rental dorm dwellers to decorate their place without changing much, and it is also usually more cost effective than buying a lot of wall decorations. These temporary wallpapers are usually in a peal and stick format for easy application to your dorm walls. It is easy to decorate with temporary wallpaper, which is simple to attach and remove when you move in, move out, or just want a change. The designs offered by the wallpaper are also much more intricate than what you would be able to paint.

We have found 10+ of the best temporary wallpapers for you. Choose your favorite, measure out the right size, get your installation kit, and say goodbye to boring dorm walls.

1.RoomMates RMK11045WP Tropical Palm Leaf Green Dorm Wallpaper

Bring the sophistication of tropical forest to your dorm. This wallpaper is easy to peel and stick to your dorm wall. It is strippable, repositionable, and washable. You can remove it anytime without fearing stickiness, which makes it a perfect choice for rental dorm dwellers.

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2. Geometric Wallpaper Black and White Artistic Dorm Wallpaper

There is something sophisticated about black-and-white. It escalates the aestheticism of any space. Brighten your dorm walls with the polka dots. The self-adhesive wallpaper is super convenient to use.

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3. Jungle Green Leaves Mural Dorm Wallpaper 

Nature is soothing, even when it is presented with a mural. This self-adhesive wallpaper will calm you down after a hectic day. The beauty these green leaves are about to bring to your place is worth trying.

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4. Green Maui Drawing Dorm Wallpaper

Superior quality of wallpaper is undoubtedly a priority. This wallpaper offers you that. The green banana leaves drawing is quite soothing. You can reposition this in as many ways as you want.

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5. Succulent Cactus Flowers Removable Dorm Wallpaper

We love cactus because it does not demand as much effort. This wallpaper inspired by the plant is just like that. Give your dorm the sophistication of tropical flower patterns with this wallpaper.

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6. Rustic Wood Farmhouse Style Dorm Wallpaper 

If you want your wall to reflect the rustic persona you own, then this wallpaper is a perfect stick to your dorm wall. The self-adhesive wood wallpaper will make your place distinguishable from other dorms.

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7. Neutral Dots Painted Dorm Wallpaper

Simple abstract design, with toned-down color and crowded dots – this self-adhesive handmade wallpaper has it all. Enhance the aestheticism of your dorm wall with this peel and stick wallpaper.

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8. Herringbone Black White Dorm Wallpaper

This herringbone design drawn patter is a black and white wallpaper is enough to fill the empty wall with simple design. Plus, it is easily repositionable during installation. 

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9. Bronze and Gray Patterned Dorm Wallpaper

Check out this bronze wallpaper. Beautiful colors from the metallic shine are what your pale dorm wall needs. The wallpaper is easy to install and remove.

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10. Gray Boho Simple Leaves Dorm Wallpaper

Say yes to your maximalist spirit. If you are tired of boring neutral color walls of your dorm, then this product is perfect for adding definition to that. This handmade easy-to-install self-adhesive wallpaper can give you a night-time jungle vibe.

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Bonus: Bohemian Medallion Decor Dorm Wallpaper

Handmade removable wallpapers that bring color to our walls are what is missing in your dorm. This product is easy to install and does not require lots of effort.

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Five other ways to decorate dorm walls


We are in for the wonders mirror does to our small dorms. Mirrors are functional anywhere in the dorm. A mirror behind the empty wall of your couch can reflect light and make the space brighter. It also creates an illusion by making the place seem more spacious. This is why we like to place mirrors on the wall of our short hallway. Not only does it make it look bigger, but also it is a great place to check our final look before stepping out of the house. You can always hang a mirror on the top wall of your cabinet. 

Fabric and curtains

Curtains have been used in house decoration for a long. Using fabric and curtains never goes out of trend. It is especially useful when you are living in a rental dorm. Rather than having a dispute with your landlord over painting the wall, you can get the same color of fabric to decorate the wall. Roof-to-floor curtains are useful in creating the illusion of a larger room. Nowadays, curtains are not limited to windows only. You can hang them the right color of fabric behind the bed or desk to create a cozy vibe. The best part is the fabric absorbs sound, which can keep your city dorm less noisy.

Hanging decorations

Hanging decorations have reincarnated. We like the idea of accessorizing our dorm walls with hanging decorations. They are like mirrors that reflect our taste. Talking about mirrors, we have already mentioned how a mirror can decorate our walls. A mirror in a fine frame is equal to a nice art piece. You can also hang different sizes of mirrors on the wall that comes together as a piece of art. Hanging a bookshelf to a shelf containing plants or small decorations is always great for decorating your dorm walls. Lately, quotes and banners are reclaiming the space in home décor. You can also go for Ikea-inspired sophisticated frames or DIY canvas art for your dorm wall. Posters, flags, and art pieces are a great way to quickly cover up dorm wall space with a new decoration.

Leaning decorations

Leaning decorations are becoming popular day by day. We bet you must have double-tapped on at least one of those leaning wooden ladder décor while scrolling. You can showcase your favorite items on those leaning ladders while decorating the dorm wall without any nailing. Leaning mirrors are quite functional as well. Place them in front of the empty wall to hide it. You have a functional decoration at your place. You can lean a colorful canvas art against the empty wall to decorate it. Leaning decorations are easier to replace, which allows you to change the setting whenever the mood demands.


By now, you’ve considered a number of different decorations, wallpapers, themes and styles for decorating your dorm wall. So, it is time to bid adieu to boring walls and let the beautiful walls speak of your taste. Temporary wallpapers are a great way to add wall decorations to your dorm at a cost affordable price.


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