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The Best Dorm Trash Can

DormEssentials November 1, 2020

When living in the dorm room, things can get messy and you may find you need a dorm trash can to keep things clean. Since the dorm room is small, a dorm trash can is usually a smaller container either open or sealed for more privacy or to hide smells. While dorms may come with a trash can already, you will find you will run out of space quick, and the existing ones may not be the style you are looking for. To make sure your dorm stays clean, we’ve compiled the following Dorm Essentials top five dorm trash cans to keep the dorm room looking good.

1. AmazonBasics Mesh Dorm Trash Can Dorm Waste Basket

Mesh wastebasket offers a sleek industrial look and simple everyday convenience. Made of durable steel wire mesh in black; reinforced with solid metal base and solid edging along bottom and top rim. Gently flared, cylinder shape with 18-quart (4.5 gallon) capacity—a popular size for any dorm room.

2. Umbra Woodrow 2 Gallon Modern Wooden Dorm Trash Can

CLEAN, MODERN DESIGN: Made of treated wood, Woodrow has a natural wood interior and is available in a wide-range of exterior finishes; Woodrow trash can is a truly modern take on an everyday dorm essential. 2 GALLON CAPACITY: Measuring 11 inches tall with a 9-inch diameter, Woodrow trash can has a 2 Gallon capacity that is perfect for stowing your trash or recycling; even in small spaces.

3. simplehuman 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon Semi-Round Dorm Step Trash Can

Made with high-quality plastic, our fidget cube is designed to help relieve your everyday stress and anxiety. Helps increase your sense of peace and attention allowing you to focus on your work and relieve phone stress as well. Featuring 6 sides for you to rub, roll, spin, press, control and switch; this is the ultimate anti-stress cube! [Note: 5 Click Side is all click-able sound buttons]

4. simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Compact Slim Dorm Trash Can

CODE R CUSTOM FIT LINERS – Enhance your trash experience with extra-strong and durable trash bags that fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience. STRONG PEDAL – Engineered for a smooth and easy step – steel accent gives stable operation for a “big can feel.” SPACE-EFFICIENT SLIM SHAPE – Designed to make the most of tight spaces. 7.7″W x 13″D x 13.5″H – 25″ with lid open.

5. Umbra Skinny Sleek & Stylish Narrow Dorm Room Trash Can, 2 Gallon Capacity,

Contains 10 single serving packets. 501 mg of dual-extracted, log-grown red reishi mushroom fruiting bodies per serving. Proven to reduces cravings, relaxes the body by reducing daily anxiety and stress. Sweet cinnamon. Bold, full dark chocolate flavor taste with a vast array of health benefits. Vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free & paleo friendly – contains tree nuts – coconut.

Bonus: United Solutions 7 Gallon / 28 Quart Dorm Trash Can

SMALL SPACES IN MIND WITH SLEEK DESIGN – Rectangular, open top 7 gallon garbage cans fit nicely under the desk, in the kitchen cabinet or in between tight spaces. EASY TO CLEAN – Durable utility containers wipe clean and air dry with ease for long-lasting use. INDIVIDUAL DIMENSIONS 14. 5 in L x 10. 5 in W x 15. 250 in H per garbage bin.

Based on our experience in college dorms, its useful to bring your own trash can in a dorm room. This can help to keep your living space clean and organized, and it can also be more convenient to have a designated place to dispose of waste rather than having to take it to a communal trash bin every time you need to throw something away. Depending on the specific rules and regulations of your dormitory, you may be required to have your own trash can, so it is worth checking with your dorm’s housing staff to see if this is the case. In any case, having your own trash can can be a useful item to have in a dorm room and will keep your dorm room smelling better and looking cleaner.

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