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Locked Out of Your Dorm Room?

DormEssentials September 12, 2018

Getting locked out of your dorm room: it happens to the best of us! (Or more usually the worst of us when we stumble home and realize we left our keys and wallet on the floor of our hook up’s apartment.)

Either way, know that having a roommate is a huge perk—text them, knock, throw something at the window, they’ll usually be able to get you in, and you’ll probably have a ton of floor mates who will get you past the initial main doors and gates.

Every now and then, the absolute worst happens: your roommate is gone. They’re in class, or worse: they’ve left for the weekend. You could either go into panic mode and quit college forever, or take a breath and know that there has to be a way to fix this.

First things first: is your roommate free to meet you on campus? If they’re available and in the vicinity in the next few hours, might as well chalk this up to a learning experience, make it to your next class with out your prized binder and meet them at 4 PM at the Dining Hall.

However, if they’re out of town (eek!) or if there’s something you desperately need in the room, like a final paper due in 15 minutes across campus, you’re going to need other options.

Plan B: is your Resident Adviser (or other form of floor monitor) available? If yes, wooo! Salvation! If not, can the the RA’s who take shifts watching the main entrance help out? In most situations the answer is yes—there’s no way they only made two copies of every key and expected a bunch of 17-19 year old’s to not fuck up.

The downside is that sometimes when you have to ask for the spare, there is a fine—even if you can promise your personal key is just behind that door.  If you’re low on funds and need some other crafty way to break in: try bobby pins, a safety pin, or a nail clipper. Anything thin and metal to work the lock just enough to turn the knob and get your life back on track.

If you don’t have any of these items in the deep depths of your pockets, it might be time to turn to hall and floor mates for help. Are you just missing a scantron and wallet to buy another one before your midterm? See if someone on the floor has one you can Venmo them for later.

Just know that getting locked out might seem like panic level 10 when it first happens, but ultimately, it’s probably the easiest toss college can pitch at you. But losing your phone? Oh man that’s a whole other article—and possibly an event that can’t be survived.

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