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What Happens During Spring Break… Will Probably get Posted Online

DormEssentials April 18, 2019

I’m really not that much older than a senior in their undergraduate program (hell, I’m still younger than a guy I dated who was way to old to be in college at the same time as me) but I still reflect on how much the social media stage has changed since I graduated, and what that means for spring break. Everything is online now—we’re flexing even harder on each other, to the point where now we’re flexing even how horrible our day has been because we believe it’s even worse than our peers’. I could go on extensively about how detrimental I think “Stories” are, both Snap & Insta, but my point is that I was really lucky to exist in a time where I wasn’t too sure what happened on everyone’s Spring Break.

I remember my freshman year, I was kind of dating (however you want to interpret that word in a college setting) a guy who seemed extremely distant after we went to our respective Spring Break vacations. I think I went to my hometown, and he went on a Cabo-esque bender. Even being the super-sleuth wack job that I was, I couldn’t find pictures of him (read: pictures of him with other chicks) on Facebook and all the other platforms, so I couldn’t outright assume he had “cheated.” I like to think that I would prefer to know the truth in my relationships, but for what it was at the time, I’m glad I didn’t (and still don’t!)
The point of sharing that isn’t to do some weak flex on how unclear and vague my college dating life was, but to point out that in a time like your late teens and early twenties, everyone is trying so desperately to find their identity through living their own lives, that you can’t be surprised that Spring Break 2k19 ruined your 3 week dating streak.

I wish I could tell you that your new significant other* is just crossing off the days of this break waiting to meet up with you again on the sticky frat dance floor, but the truth is they’re probably living it up, in whatever way they define that as. And you should do the same! Not out of spite, but out of a true enjoyment for the present and your youth in it. (Trust me, the one thing I need more than anything right now is a vacation where I’m face down on a beach.)

I think the easiest way to live your own life, whether it be on Spring Break or on party nights away from your new boo, is to just have fun with the people around you. Genuine, connected, fun. Not, “who can I hook up with because I know he’s at Lindsey’s formal right now—even though he keeps telling me they’re just friends.” If you want to hook up with someone—do so because you genuinely want to!

Another huge piece of advice I can give, is to Mute or ‘unfollow’ your love interests social media handles. The algorithm is already trying to mess with your head by having your crush be the first name that pops up if they even open their app. The last thing you need is your genuine, connected, fun to be ruined by something that’s not even that interesting that your person is doing! Something about seeing someone else have fun through the lens of our iPhone screens immediately makes us competitive, when you could be having a way better time. For those who have serious discipline, I’d recommend not opening any social media app at all while you’re out—even if that means skipping on posting yourself. Which arguably makes you even more cool, mysterious, and sought out after.

So as you pack your duffle bags with alcohol for the week long break, remember that the idea is to have fun. Not more fun than anyone else, not fun in spite of someone else, but genuine fun for yourself. You deserve it.

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