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The Best Study Music for College

DormEssentials May 20, 2018

While there will be plenty of opportunities to pump up some high energy jams from the latest hits to EDM bangers, when it’s time to study you need something that will be effective for studying and retaining focus. For most individuals, this means music that does not contain lyrics, and that as a slower BPM, with a calming effect. At the same time the music should carry enough energy to motivate and provide focus, without putting you to sleep. There are many genres that fit this bill; however we will be focusing on five of our favorite study music for college that is readily available across the music streaming platform of your choice, from a Spotify playlist to a YouTube video.

I. Classical

Example Spotify Playlists: Classical Study PlaylistClassical Essentials Playlist

Examples on Youtube: Piano MusicClassical Study

II. Lo-Fi Hop Hop: 

Example Spotify Playlists: UMZ LoFiLo-Fi Hip Hop

Examples on Youtube: Lofi StudyLofi Hip Hop

III. JazzHop

Example Spotify Playlists: Jazzhop & Chill, Jazz Vibes

Examples on Youtube: JazzhopTraditional Jazz

IV. Chillstep

Example Spotify Playlists: ChillstepChillstep Relax

Examples on Youtube:Chillstep 1Chillstep 2

V. Nature Sounds / Meditation

Example Spotify Playlists: Natural Concentration, Nature Sounds

Examples on Youtube: Nature Relaxing StudyNature Sounds


With this DormEssentials study list set, go plug in, check out our own track below, and get ready to find your study focus! And if you’re in need of new headphones or speakers, don’t forget to check out our top ten headphones for college and top ten desk speakers lists!


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