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New Semester, New You

DormEssentials January 4, 2019

So, at the holiday parties you convinced your extended family that “school’s going great!” while successfully avoiding eye contact with your parents who know your GPA was lower than what they expected. Could you have a new semester, new you? You felt a little guilty, but were able to convince yourself that you’ll just “do better” this next semester. That’s one of the best parts about college: every few months you get to completely reset! Especially after winter vacation, you’ll feel ready to get back to the dorm. While it’s always easier said than done, I have complete confidence you’ll feel more accomplished with the following tips. New semester, new you.

Give A S**t Before Mid Terms
The same thing happens to almost every college student across America: they show up to class thinking that falling asleep for only the 2nd half of the lecture still means they’re absorbing information and then they panic when midterms (or worse, finals) come around and they realize they need an impossible 110% to even consider getting a passing grade. How did this happen? With the numerous options of social activities taking your academic time, the small things you’ve sacrificed begin to add up. Sometimes we forget just how weighted small assignments, weekly quizzes, or essential homework assignments, when there aren’t many of them. But those are the easiest ways to not only rack up a good grade prior to the big tests, and surprise, surprise, they usually help you learn what will be on the midterm and final. In short, pay attention early, and thank yourself later.

Teamwork, Does It Make The Dreamwork?
If you didn’t figure it out your first semester, I highly recommend you get your answer to the following question right now: Do you study best alone or with a group? Personally, I tried group studying or a long time and found that it was a waste of time to have everyone read their notes out loud one by one. The positive to studying as a group that going solo can’t offer is the accountability to show up when everyone else is free and actually put in the work. It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re by yourself. You also have to look at the material: did you understand it? If not, maybe a group setting is the best way for you to ask necessary questions to peers who can give you many explanations until it sticks.

Have I Mentioned The Library?
I think every article I’ve written for Dorm Essentials—even the ones about partying—recommend that you GO TO THE LIBRARY. It is the best thing you’ll wish you did more of when you graduate. It’s not only perfect for people who enjoy studying alone! It’s great for groups too (I know, I sound like an infomercial)! Every library has rooms you can reserve or spaces where talking amongst yourselves is allowed, and they can come with cool amenities like white boards and markers (who doesn’t love that?) While studying in your bed sounds comfy, or tanning while reading a text book on the quad sounds perf, the reality is you’ll want to Instagram these moments rather than focus in on the material. Get yourself to the library, and maybe after the 3rd hour you can send off desperate Snaps to friends begging them to bring you Hot Cheetos and more Red Bull.

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