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Five Things You Should Do Freshman Year

DormEssentials March 11, 2018

You’ll hear plenty of the importance of picking the right classes to graduate on time, getting a high GPA, and securing relevant career internships. But outside of all the formal expectations around college is the equal expectation that you will have fun as you learn how to be independent and social with others. Here’s a list of some of our top 5 things you should aim to do your freshman year of college, aside from all that academics stuff.

  1. Go To Parties

This one is so obvious, I can’t not start the list with it. Parties are the staple of college, just as bananas are the staples to smoothies. You could have a smoothie with out bananas, but you’ll be wondering the whole time what feels off. If you’re not someone who partakes in the party favors, that’s alright! There are tons of people who stay sober; but they look after their kidneys while looking out for their social lives. Parties are a great way to meet friends, potential lovers, or maybe even the person from your 8 AM lecture that you’re too scared to talk to outside of the haze that is black lights and loud music. From a house party to a frat party to a music show or festival, there’s plenty to partake in around your campus. And who knows, maybe you’ll be the one throwing your own parties soon enough.

  1. Pull An All Nighter – (That’s Not Class-Related)

I’ve never condoned losing sleep over a midterm, final, or even a quiz worth half your grade. Preparing with studying is just as essential as clearing your mind with sleep! However, I absolutely encourage losing sleep for the sake of memories. Moving into a dorm, means you’ll be meeting a slew of new people all at once who come from all walks of life. You’ll meet people you like, people who irk you, and people who become your best friends. The best kind of all nighters are the ones where you click with that person on your floor or in your suite over topic after topic until you realize the sun is already rising. Sometimes, an extra kick of energy is all you need to power through.

  1. Join A Group or Gain a Hobby

Success in college is about more than just the degree you walk away with. It’s equally, if not more importantly about the connections you made. Depending on who you are, “connections” could be mean several different things.  Maybe you’re looking for life long friendships and your bridesmaids. Maybe you’re looking for the mentors to advance your career. Maybe you’re looking for a drug dealer who will one day ironically become your sponsor in AA. Either way you look at it, the constant theme is that we as people need other people to go further in life. An easy way to make these connections is through on-campus groups. Sure, sororities and fraternities may be the first to come to mind, but there are a plethora of options. Whether it be an improv troupe, a club level sports team, a research group in your major, go immerse yourself!

  1. Go To The Library

Think of this tip as the vegetables of this article—hard to hear but absolutely necessary. Trust me, there is some actual Zen in finding a desk alone, away from craziness of the dorms. It’s a space where productivity magically multiplies by ten—so long as you don’t fall too deep in to the depths of the Internet. Pro-tip: The hidden jewel of the library is their media center. Did your favorite TV show just get removed from Netflix and you’ve already given your laptop a virus trying to watch it on a sketchy site? I guarantee the library will have what you need to get your fix. You’re welcome.

  1. Take Risks And Try Something New

The best way to summarize this next one is just that: take risks. Everyone’s risk will look different. It could mean: dropping a course, skipping class for an informational interview, protesting something you believe in on campus, performing in front of people, or the scariest of them all: changing your major. Whatever it may be, follow your gut. If you feel it will advance you further than the alternative option, do it! Even if it fails, you’ll likely have learned an important lesson about yourself. And that’s worth just about what college tuition costs these days.

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