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Finding Alone Space in College

DormEssentials November 11, 2018

Alone space in college. Unless you’re one of the rare and lucky few who live in “Singles,” you most likely have a roommate who shares a bedroom with you. Most of you probably dorm in such a stereotypical dorm room that you share a small kitchen (AKA a microwave and mini fridge) and a small office (AKA two desks jammed next to each other.)

So as the tests roll in, the hangovers get a little worse, and the stress of doing everything at all times starts to weigh in, the importance of having a space completely to yourself and your lonesome will be more important than ever before. In this blog, we cover finding alone space in college to keep your sanity and calm throughout the year.

Your Car

If your roommate still doesn’t get that her messy life encroaching on your side of the shared space is why you continue to be passive and aggressive towards her in the form of nonverbals, you might just need to take a break from the room and scream in your car. It’s normal for conflicts to arise, and as a result you may be straining for some alone time.

Anywhere You Can Go In Said Car

If you need more than a 30 minute break to cry out your frustrations in a four-door vehicle, take a second to be thankful that you have a car, and that you can drive it almost anywhere. A personal favorite of mine were some secluded cliffs by the beach where I could stare into the horizon and contemplate whether to burn my roommate’s side of the dorm down. If you’re looking to get around without a car, there’s a number of ways to get around from a quick uber to public transport.

Somewhere Nearby – In The Morning

If you don’t have the luxury of having a car to escape, and you’re still looking for a place you can be completely alone, consider waking up stupid early (I mean like 6 AM,  5 AM if you dare) and going for a walk. Chances are at this hour the only people you’ll meet are others who don’t want to engage such as: post-party walks of fame and Starbucks workers. You’ll get to enjoy the sunlight spilling in brightly on peaceful emptiness, and that can give you a new appreciation for your usual route to classes.

Tanning Beds & Pods

While I definitely don’t recommend tanning beds, I did have a membership that allowed me to hide away in a booth every day at 4 PM. Laying there for even just 15 minutes alone with my thoughts was therapeutic. I knew that I could escape giving my friends advice to their boy troubles, and sit in too many watts of UV to contemplate my own love-life messes. My best suggestion would be to check out your school’s psychology offices. So many schools take mental health seriously, and offer pods to meditate, study, or nap in alone.

Your Childhood Bedroom

When you really need a break from everyone and everything, schedule a trip home. Or even to an extended family member’s if you live further from your immediate family. A bed in a place where there’s not always one voice talking at all times can be so nice to live in for a few days. It will reset your patience and give you the boost you need to make it back to constant noise, funky smells, and wild sights.

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