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Buy That Thing

DormEssentials January 27, 2018

School’s back in session and you’ve made a million promises and resolutions to yourself on how to be the, “Best Version of You” in 2019. You’ve told yourself you will no longer take handle-pulls of Vodka, but rather stick to slamming copious amounts of shots. You’ve signed up for that 8 AM class to force yourself out of bed…most of the time. These are all great ways to strive for success, but there a ton of mini promises you haven’t even fulfilled from 2018. Especially when we consider if you’ll buy that thing.

Remember on Move In Day when you realized you didn’t buy that one thing, or you forgot to pack it, or your roommate made you second guess passing on it? Anything from Scotch Wall Hooks, to a shower caddy, to a roll of tape. That little thing you said you’d pick up, and still haven’t. It might be a stapler, meaning you consistently borrow your roommate’s with and with out asking, seriously depleting their stash of staple. Maybe it’s the scissor you borrow the few times you need them. Or maybe it’s Bounce Dryer Sheets, you figure you only do your laundry once every two months so you can continue to mooch, right?

Wrong! Be a better person! Go buy THAT THING! I know everyone’s obsessed with Marie Kondo’s Tidying Method, but seriously: this item will spark joy in you, and your best friends who consistently lend you pens because you won’t buy a pack.

You may have multiple things.These items are always small things that make a big difference: like Febreeze. Look, if you’re not going to do your laundry weekly, but you’re hitting the gym extra hard in 2019 you might want to make the room smell like a Ski Vacation or a Tropical Island.

The item I put off buying for 75% of my freshman year? Earplugs. I finally caved one day and bought a pack of about 50—and did they save my life! Sleeping in AirPods isn’t cute or comfy, I mean you look rich AF, but you’ll probably lose one while you toss and turn. The second I invested in a batch of ear plugs, I also felt like I could share the extras with floor mates, and sleep comfortably on nights when my roommate had sick snores going or late night calls she couldn’t miss. To this day I still have some floating around that can be used in a serious pinch!

The point is, if there’s some item you think about weekly that could be used to improve your life in a quick moment: go pick it up. Worse case scenario, you realize you never needed rubbing alcohol as much as you thought, but if someone were to ask or an emergency arises: you’re covered. So what are you waiting for? Better days start today.

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