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Dorm Essential’s Roommate Predictor

Which common college roommate are you going to dorm with?

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Check out some of the common types of roommates you’ll find at college below:

  1. The Bandit: Prepare to have your snacks and printer paper mysteriously disappear from your dorm room. And maybe your pens and pencils too. Not to mention any drinks you may have. The bandit is a notorious figure in the dorm, wandering the halls in search of his or her next freebie.
  2. The Couple:  Prepare to be a third wheel in your own room, as you will rarely see your roommate without their SO. There’s always a pair, whether they are highschool lovers who followed eachother to college or if they’re a new dorm floor couple. You may find yourself locked out out on many occasions; and constantly reminded of your single status.
  3. The DJ: Prepare to be bombarded by your roommates 5.1 surround sound speaker system all the time. Most likely you’ll be hearing the same set of songs over.. and over… and over… again all through the semester. And don’t worry if you ever wonder if they’re in the room – the throbbing of a bass is usually felt far beyond your one dorm.
  4. The Ghost: Prepare to see your roommate on move in day and then never again. There are many reasons for the Ghost, whether it’s an overly busy roommate who has so many commitments (work, athletics, academics) that they only use the dorm for one thing: sleep. Other reasons could be that they found a new SO or BFF that they spend most their time with anyways.
  5. The Wake and Bake: Prepare for a roommate that will blaze up every morning, and hope your room has windows. In most cases, they’ll pack extra for a few others so prepare to have your room turn into a social circle for anyone who wants to smoke on your dorm floor. You’ll also find that they generally have enough clear eyes and fabreez to last long past the semester.
  6. The Night Owl: Prepare for a roommate that seems to never sleep, and is always working late into the night. Whether they are late studiers and late to rise or just simply never seem to get to bed, you’ll find yourselves hearing the clicking of their keyboard or glow of their monitor well into the night. Earplugs and eye shades can do wonders here.
  7. The Messy One: Prepare for your roommate to turn your room into a large laundry basket. Everything, everywhere. From half eaten meals and food wrappers to clothes scattered about, the bed definitely will not be made. If you’re a clean person, you’ll find yourself constantly cleaning up and scolding them about their habits.
  8. The Partier: Prepare to always have people in your dorm room, or to be invited to your roommates latest rager. Its shots ocklock every hour, and they will be more than eager to yell ‘shotgun’ as soon as a beer enters their hands. Self proclaimed BP masters and heavyweights, the partier thrives off attention and building a reputation of fun.
  9. The Study Bee: Prepare for a roommate that seems to never leave the room, as you will always see them studying. Forget the party or social event; there’s a test or assignment due and the study bee cannot take even one day off as a break. While not the greatest wingman, the study bee will become a trusted resource along the dorm for answers and anything academics.
  10. The Best Friend: Prepare for your roommate to be your new best friend, you’re going to get along great! They are just the right balance of everything – from partying to studying, you’re going to be tagging along all semester long- and well after that. You’ll frequently eat together, share your latest crush or hardship, and ultimately, make a BFF that will last a lifetime.