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6 DIY Dorm Holiday Decorations

DormEssentials November 10, 2020

Although it feels like summer just barely ended, but winter decorations are already for sale in the department stores.  While it is hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us, it is time to start the seasonal decorations.  While many people pay big bucks for pre-made decorations, you can spruce up your dorm with DIY projects for dorm holiday decorations.  Tis the season to spread cheer and save a buck or two.  Not only will your crafty side be on display, but your living space will be the talk of the dorm with these 6 wonderful winter decoration projects.

  • Dorm Door Dashing with Wrapping 

wrapped christmas door

Nothing says it is the holiday season like large presents and wrapping paper. Combine these two winter staples and you have the perfect DIY to start decorating your dorm room for Christmas. The first step is selecting your favorite holiday wrapping paper, and the next, is to find a door in your dorm that you would like to give a makeover to. From there, simply follow the guide on the Real Advice Gal. Choose a makeover for your front door and display your holiday spirit to everyone who passes by! 


  • Picture the Presents 

wrapped picture frames

The best way to DIY is by using items that you already own. Take a look around your room and see what wall art is already hanging in your dorm. Can any of those items use a little (or a lot) of Christmas spirit? One of the easiest wall art pieces to transform is photo frames. Follow the inspiration and instructions of Unoriginal Mom to turn standard photos into a Christmas Gallery wall. It can be as simple as wrapping the frames and making them look life gifts!


  • Cozy Christmas Cushions

festive pillows

If you happen to wander into a home décor store, you may be shocked at the price of Holiday Theme pillows. Instead of dishing out major dollars on new pillows, simply take an old or new holiday table cloth, large t-shirt, or holiday themed fabric and use it to transform any pillow into a Christmas Cushion. Not only will these pillows offer comfort, but they will also be a great opportunity to brag about your crafting skills. 


  • Ornaments on Everything

hanging ornaments

There are tons of holiday craft that involve ornaments, however, ornaments are also inexpensive and pretty just the way they are. Decorate your own ornaments, or buy them ready to hang and get creative about where you can display these Christmas charms. One of the most visible and flattering is the window. When the light comes through, it lights up the bulbs and adds a little holiday magic to the room. Check out several ideas of places to hang your ornaments at Stylisheve.com. If you want to get fancy, you can even consider hanging up christmas lights within your dorm room!


  • Stick-On Snowflakes 

cut out snowflakes

While sicker snowflakes are not completely a DIY item, they are an affordable and simple way to add holiday spirit without the fuss of a project. Simply peel the snowflakes, arrange them on the window how you prefer, then enjoy the sweet view of the winter season. 


  • Cuts to Hang Above 

pinwheels from paper

There is the elementary school way of cutting up paper snowflakes, and then there is the college way. It is no surprise that the college standard of paper snowflakes is much more impressive. Follow the tutorial on WikiHow to see step by step how to create a few of these paper snowflakes of your own. Don’t worry, you got this! Once you’ve made your creation you can hang the snowflakes away where you want in your dorm. Or string them together to create a Christmas bunting. 


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