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The Best College Party Supplies

DormEssentials July 5, 2018

College is a great time to socialize and party, but sometimes there’s nothing going on. In that case, gather your friends and prepare the dorm- because the party is going to be at your place! This list includes our dorm party must haves for the rager or kickback at your dorm room, or using the bp table you built outside. Looking for something lower key? Consider board games. To make sure you stay positive in the dorms and socialize your nights away, we’ve compiled the following affiliated Dorm Essentials top 10 best college party supplies to help you have a good time in the dorm.

1. Red Solo Cup Cold Plastic College Party Cups 16 Ounce 50 Pack

MADE IN THE USA: Proudly made in the USA out of top quality materials in FDA approved facilities. Each purchase supports American industry and factory workers. DURABLE: Made out of crack resistant high-quality materials to avoid spills or messes. GREAT VALUE: Each package includes 50 premium 16-ounce red Solo plastic party cups. SOLO QUALITY: Well known for quality and value C’Mon and grab your “Kitch Red Party Cup!”.

2. Franklin Sports 1 Star Table Tennis Balls College BP Balls (Pack of 36), 40 mm

We always recommend water pong in the dorms, and few balls wok better than these Official 1 star quality table tennis balls; for casual play and practice. Official size (40mm diameter) and weight (2.6-2.9g). Package contains 36 white table tennis balls per pack.

3. Plastic Shot Glasses – 120-Pack 2 Oz Disposable College Party Cups

120 DISPOSABLE SHOT CUPS: Get your drink on at your upcoming party, gathering with friends, festival, or outdoor event with this set of 120 disposable plastic 2 oz shot cups. RED PLASTIC: Made using reliable, traditional plastic material, these cups look and feel like the classic cups from the movies. PARTY TIME: These cups work 60% of the time, all the time, and will take your jello shots, shooters, tequila, rum, fruity cocktail shot, or even just plain old water with you wherever you go, whether outdoors or in.

4. DJ Disco Dorm Party Lights

Lasers will turn the dorm into a club. POCOCO 2021 Upgraded version Party laser Lights, capable of producing 60 combinations of images, 6 color backgrounds (red, green, blue, red & green, red & blue, blue & green) and 3 beam combinations (green, red, green & red), creating a more wonderful stage atmosphere with multi-effect and high definition projection quality combination.

5. LED Strip Lights Dorm LED Lights Sync To Music

Perfect for accenting a dorm. Special music mode : Built-in high sensitivity mic, spectrum with light and colors adjusting automatically base on the ambient sound, LED lights sync with music. The strip light suit any type of music, including slow, relaxing tunes and dance music. Flexible control : Portable controller smart controller included, simple to turn on/off by one press on the button, more colors and brightness be controlled by one controller ,convenient and concise.

6. Hefty Ultra Strong Dorm Trash Bags (Lavender Sweet Vanilla, Tall Kitchen Drawstring, 13 Gallon, 80 Count)

Trash bags are needed for all the waste you’ll generate, but also to hold the vomit from those who’ve had too much. Hefty’s strongest tall kitchen trash bags deliver toughness you can trust to contain the happy mess of a busy household. Patented Arm & Hammer odor neutralizer fights nasty odors to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Ultra Strong bags are slightly shorter than other tall kitchen bags when empty. This is due to Hefty’s powerful Triple Action Technology that allows the bags to stretch to resist tears, punctures and leaks.

7. Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Spray - 32 oz - Lemon Breeze ( Double Pack)

Lysol lemon cleaner spray is a dorm staple, especially for after the party. Your floor will be stickier than ever, whether it’s the alcohol or the vomit that you need to scrub away (or perhaps even more nefarious substances).

8. Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels, 8 Family Rolls = 20 Regular Rolls

Paper towels are great for many things at parties, from plates for pizza to picking up spills from a game of BP. Pack contains 8 Family Rolls of Bounty Quick Size paper towels, equal to 20 Regular Rolls. This pack contains 40 more sheets per pack which means 5 extra days’ worth of paper vs. Bounty Select-A-Size 8 Huge Roll Estimated based on manufacturer data.

9. Speakers for the Dorm

It isn’t a party if you’re not bumping some of your favorite tunes. Our DormEssentials list of top 10 speakers contains all our recommendations for desk speakers that you can easily fit in your dorm, and that won’t get your floormates calling the RA’s about bass vibrations being too loud.

10. Party Games

Other than the already included college staple of BP, a number of popular board and card games have made the Dorm Essentials list of top ten party games. These are great for when you’re pregaming to go out or winding down after a long night.

With our college party essentials above, you have all the initial ingredients for a party. Throwing a good party in college can be a fun and memorable experience, but it’s important to plan and prepare properly to ensure that the party is a success. Here are some tips for throwing a good party in college:

  • Plan ahead: It’s important to plan the details of your party in advance, including the date, time, location, guest list, and theme. Make sure to give yourself enough time to prepare and invite people, and be explicit on +1s or additional guest policies.
  • Consider the location: Choose a location that is convenient and accessible, and that is suitable for the size and type of party you are planning. Make sure to get permission to use the space if necessary. Small events can happen inside dorms, while larger events usually are located at houses near campus or offsite locations.
  • Invite the right people: Invite a mix of people, including friends, classmates, and other people you want to get to know. Be mindful of the guest list and make sure to invite people who will contribute to a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Try to keep a fair ratio of men and woman.
  • Provide food and drinks: Offer a variety of snacks and beverages for your guests. If you’ll be serving alcohol, make sure to follow any relevant laws and regulations, and be mindful of your guests’ safety and well-being.
  • Have entertainment: Plan activities or games to keep your guests entertained, or consider hiring a DJ or band to provide music. Renting sound systems can be key to a fun experience.
  • Consider the theme: A theme can add excitement and interest to your party. Choose a theme that reflects your interests and personality, and consider how you can incorporate it into the decorations and activities.
  • Be responsible: Make sure to clean up after the party and be respectful of your floormates, neighbors and the community. Be mindful of your guests’ safety and well-being, and make sure to have a plan in place in case of emergencies. You will want to designate plans for getting people home, or having them stay over. Someone working the door to ensure only the right people enter is also useful.

By following these tips, you can throw a successful and enjoyable party in college that will be remembered for years to come.

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